OUTFIT | Seaside Simplicity

Well, well, well! I appear to have finally got my act together after about 5 months sans blogging, hurrah! I'm not going to ramble on about who/ what/ why or when, and just going to get straight to the outfit. These shots were taken by my very talented little (but a few feet taller) Bro, while we were vacaying with Mother and the Toddler visiting my Nan down in North Devon this Summer. Specifically, they were taken at the cutest little fishing town called Appledore; it is one of my favourite ever places. I used to go down to Devon every Summer when I was little with my parents, so there are many little villages down there that I hold close to my heart as they are just filled with childhood memories. I love the fact that I am now able to take Theo down there and show him all the places I used to love as a child - and still do now! There's just something so refreshing and peaceful about visiting Devon. Everyone is always so friendly and life just seems to kind of slow down a few paces and things just feel simpler in a way. I would love to retire to somewhere like that one day and to be able to step outside my front door and smell the salty, sea breeze. I won't talk too much more about the trip as I think I'll do a separate post on it with some of the more lifestyle photos I took.

So this outfit was just a little nod to nautical - well, when visiting a little seaside town, what else would one wear!? I picked this top up in the Next sale the other month and it's fast becoming my new go to; it's just so easy to throw on and I love the oversizedness of it as it's just comfy and can be paired with trousers or half tucked into a skirt like I've done here. I am all about comfort these days! Ok so I did kind of wear heels...not so comfy, agreed, but I wanted to get some wear out of these espadrille sandals while the weather was being kind to us. Not much to say about the denim mini - you just can't go wrong, it works with pretty much everything and will never go out of style. The simple look was finished off with my favourite (although really rather impractically sized) moc croc chain shoulder bag from the Zara sale, blue mirrored aviator sunglasses and this dainty bird motif necklace. I go through phases of loving really chunky, statement necklaces and then completely going off it all and just wanting to wear minimal, dainty jewellery. I'm in the latter phase right now and really enjoying discovering all my old jewellery that I had once tossed to one side in favour of my more garish pieces.

Top: Next sale | Skirt: Primark | Sandals & sunglasses: River Island (old) | Necklace: Forever 21 (old) | Bag: Zara sale


OUTFIT | Occasion Wear With Dorothy Perkins

Hello, hello! For anyone who is remotely interested, you may have noticed that I have had a slight blogging hiatus over the past couple of months. I won't get into divulging any information and boring you with details as to why right now - depending on how brave I feel in the next few weeks, I may save it for a future post. So what better way to make my return back to the 'blogosphere' than with a fabulous occasionwear collaboration with Dorothy Perkins!?


OUTFIT | In The Navy

It's been a little while since an outfit post went up over here - I've been cheating on Fashion with Beauty and Lifestyle lately, oops! Anyway, I've got my OOTD mojo back - which could have been something to do with this gorgeous inky blue faux fur coat. I actually won this Bon Prix beauty from a styling challenge I took part in at the Bloggers Festival back in September last year and I have just been waiting for the temperature to drop enough for me to give it it's first outing. Now if you're UK based, then I'm sure you'll agree with me that it is definitely faux fur weather right now. Usually I'd be moaning about being cold all the time (ok, I still might be doing that a tad...) but with this little number keeping me cosy and keeping those Monday blues at bay, I am A-OK.


BEAUTY | January Drugstore Product Review

creative lay out of beauty products
So January has come and gone; hands up who's glad to see the back of the January Blues?! I for one luckily haven't been too affected by the humdrum and slowness after all the excitement of Christmas this January. Usually I'm desperate to make plans and keep busy, but with a few toddler tantrums thrown into the mix nowadays along with a career change that began at the beginning of December, I have welcomed the peace and quiet and 'nothingness' of this month with open arms. That said, now I've had my relaxation time, I'm itching to get busy again and start planning my Birthday celebrations for the beginning of March! Anyway, enough rambling - let's get on with the topic of the post...


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