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A recent outfit from a night out with the girls. Loving florals right now- it's that time of year again, although I never actually get tired of the trend. I am quite partial to a flowery print it must be said, regardless of the season! This outfit prompted a bit of a wardrobe rummage- both of these items are fairly old now, but I am being good lately and not shopping as much, which for a self confessed shopaholic is pretty admirable one must agree! Both Topshop garments, rather juxtaposing styles- a shimmery disco vest teamed with a pretty and prim floral tulip skirt- but it somehow works! This is what I love about styling and often express through my work and of course my own outfits- mixing a couple of completely contrasted genres together to create something bold, new and interesting. One must be careful however- never mix more than 3 ultra contrasted styles, this will inevitably just end in an overload of clashing horror!

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