The LOOK SHOW Blog Competition

I have always loved fashion! I have no doubt that this obsession (yes I would go as far as to call it that) began from a very early age, glimpsing breathtaking editorials of my Mother's fashion magazines and my all time favourite past time...playing with my barbie dolls! As an only child up until the age of nine, this was my ultimate passion; choosing new clothes for them and styling them all as though they were about to take part on a catwalk!

This was only the beginning; I have grown up with fashion and it has given me the confidence to be myself, expressing my personality through clothing. I believe that fashion is not just a hobby, it is a lifestyle, a belief and especially not, as many people may think, superficial - just look at Gok Wan, the way one dresses has so much potential to change the way they feel about themselves and can achieve the ultimate confidence boost and self belief!

Having always been a truly creative child, (Maths and Science were never my forte, I was always conjuring up creative stories ready for English lessons and thrived in Art and Drama) I progressed from Photography and English A levels to pursuing Fashion with Photography and Styling at university, where I have just graduated with a 2:1.

I truly love the art of fashion styling, whether it is for myself or for a creative concept and blogging has been an amazing platform for me to express this, by uploading outfit posts and my work. I love creative writing, always have, and along with my love of fashion I feel the two go hand in hand to truly express my ideas, imagination and inspirations!

I started off blogging last year with my previous blog, Take me to Paris mon cherie, which was more of a personal document of events in my life as well as fashion, but I decided to create a new one which aims to offer advice and ideas to any other stylistas who wanted it!

I love to keep involved in the industry by staying on trend and catching up on fashion news and designer collections, so to write for the Look Show would be an incredible opportunity for someone like me, who is extremely passionate, dedicated and motivated to move into the industry as a professional!


  1. really like this entry, agreeing a lot with what you've said, i hated maths and science too! good luck xo

  2. I've just had a mooch on TMPMC, what a beautiful blog! Love your font and the way you used bold to make your favourite words stand out. Good luck, I hope you do well. I've entered too, let me know what you think of my post - www.rosaleengallagher.com love Rose xx



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