Today's Outfit & The Importance of Mustard

Today's outfit consists of a vintage print playsuit, tan suede platforms, leather fringed bag and black patent belt and of course, out come the black tights which depressingly means we are well on our way to those winter days. It's not all doom and gloom however, as this means gorgeous chunky knits, woolly tights and cable knit socks, cute hats with ear flaps, adorable mittens and patterned gloves, long wrap-around scarfs and elegant knee high boots or cute little pixie ankle boots! 

I have also found that mustard is my ultimate "transitional" hue, easily worn between the contrast of seasons (not that the British summer really lived up to it's title). It has always been quite a favourite of mine for clothing and I have noticed a lot of it on the high-street which doesn't seem to be disappearing just yet...good news for me and all other mustard lovers! (not the sauce sense of the word- that I am not a fan of!)

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