The roaring twenties

Following on from having watched Midnight in Paris last week, I became hugely inspired with the Twenties Flapper fashion. This influence then translated into my outfit choice for a friends leaving party the evening after... all of a sudden I was inclined to put my hair into a side bun, glide on some rouge lipstick and wear the vintage sequin dress I won on Ebay which had just been dying to be shown off on a night out!
Left: Embroidered cowl neck coat: Vintage, velvet bow detail chain bag: Topshop, faux fur: H&M. Right:  Black/gold/silver sequin shift dress: Vintage.

This also made me think back to a 20's themed shoot I modelled for and styled a while back for a friend...
Fur, feathers, beading, pearls, headbands, devore velvet, fringing, leather driving gloves...mix all this together and it just screams 20's without even having to try that much!



I cannot wait to get my little paws on this beauty of a biography/memoir, by none other than the ultimate Parisian style queen, Ms Carine Roitfeld...imagining the little fashion illustrations accompanied by scrawled notes in French gets me just a little excited!


We love you Lana

Lana Del Rey is taking the music & fashion industry by storm as we speak, with her gloriously husky and mesmerising voice, enigmatic persona and old-school-glam-meets-grunge unique style! What's not to love? Favourite songs are 'Gramma', 'Video Games' and 'Blue Jeans'. Her videos are also just as enthralling...love the snippets of old film and street filmed images contrasted with bits of art and what not! Just beauteous!

A definite Brigitte Bardot vibe going on here with the bee stung lips and heavily kohled eyes...

Portobello Paradise

Last weekend I took a long overdue trip to the fabulous Portobello market to pick up some trinkets and treasures! I literally wanted to purchase every vintage piece of clothing I saw- if only! Whoever said money can't buy you happiness...!

It always amazes me that there are this many vintage sewing machines existing in the world- and this is just one store out of hundreds!!

So beautiful

Love these quirky manequins

Vintage teapots & teacups are definitely a popular motif throughout the seller's stalls 

Browsing some authentic art here..

Coolest pizza parlor window ever!
Sparkly vest: Vintage, moss green jeans: New look, tan leather belt: Topshop, Oriental devore/silk jacket: Vintage, fox tail faux fur: H&M, jewellery: Topshop, Forever 21 & Vintage.

Wise words old chap

I just remembered I took this photo of this beautiful little poem on a bench, from when I visited the needles in the Isle of Wight. I just thought it was very beautiful and came across as a very wise thing to say. 

Doey eyed for you

I just couldn't resist posting this utterly gorgeous, quirky and heart warming video for Laur Viers' song, I can see your tracks. SO adoreable.

Dreaming of Devore

Left: moss green chunky cardi: Next, devore batwing top: Forever 21, double breasted high waist shorts: Miss Selfridge, 'M' pendant: Topshop, unicorn necklace: Accessorize. Right: Devore kimono: Forever 21, bandeau body: Miss Selfridge, PU leather shorts: Topshop. All jewellery: Topshop, Forever 21, Vintage & Accessorize. 

There's just something about devore velvet that I just cannot resist! It can just give any outfit a hint of luxe instantly and always looks so classy. Mix with some on trend leather to add a touch of unexpected rebelliousness! 

I have always loved the beautiful fabric, but I think it was heightened with the discovery of the amazingly talented, Micheal Van Der Ham. The designer received much recognition in February at LFW A/W after showcasing his collections at the NEWGEN designers slot. Since then Van Der Ham's designs have been snapped up by Topshop as part of their exclusive designers range. I used two stunning dresses for a ethereal and whimsical themed shoot I styled for Third Floor Publication, which was such a privilege and a true honour to be able to handle such exquisite handicraft. You cannot always tell a garment's true luxury and quality from a 2D image, and even though I loved Van Der Ham's collection and unique style as soon as I saw it, it was only when seeing the clothes in 'real life' that I was able to then truly appreciate the value and pure dedication that would have gone into creating such artistry. From then on, my love for the designers' devore dedicated designs, has only developed even more!


Under the Sea...

Today I decided to let my  metallic mermaid-esque, tapered trousers come out to play! A Topshop wonder of course.

Pure Class

Just championing my new found love for Edith Piaf and generally all French jazz love music from that era...simply delightful!

From Paris with Love

Just some of my thoughts on the city of Love...

Midnight in Paris

Having just returned from watching Midnight in Paris, I felt extremely obliged to write about the beauty and unique story straight away. The only words to sum this film up would be hopelessly romantic..magical..surreal...fantastical..whimsical and beautifully enigmatic. Owen Wilson plays the part of Gill, a true romantic struggling with writer's block visiting the city of love with his fiance Inez (Rachel McAdams). While she is out partying with friends one night, Gill takes a night-time stroll among the Parisian streets in an attempt to gain inspiration; which he most certainly does...

When the clock strikes midnight, Gill is transported back in time to the Roaring Twenties, whereupon he encounters many famous writers, poets, artists and composers of the time such as Monet, Ernest Hemmingway, Picasso, Dali, T.S Eliot and Matisse. He begins to take the same journey each night, every time meeting with another one of his creative idols as well as the alluring Adrianna...

Gill falls for her beauty and undeniable Parisian charm and realises that he and Inez don't share the same love for the city and all things nostalgia and are forced to go their separate ways, allowing Gill to go ahead with his dream of relocating to Les Paris. Directed by Woody Allen and with a cast including the likes of Carla Bruni, Alison Pill and Marion Cotillard, you couldn't expect anything less than excellence.

The film has reignited my love for Twenties glamour and once again I have become hugely inspired to pursue a Flapper style photo shoot...! I love everything about the fashion from that era...the cute cloche hats, luxurious fur stoles, decadent beaded dresses, tassles, silk, satin, beads, glitz & glamour....I was definitely born in the wrong era, much like the protagonist of the film.

How I would give anything to have been around in the Twenties...but even more so to be living in the Parisian Twenties of opulence, to dance the Charleston and to have seen authentic Can-Can dancing at the Moulin Rouge with the dancers in all their show girl glory.


Sparkle on down

Working a bit of the Glam Underground trend at Topshop at the moment, with faux leather shorts, star print tights, an uber sparkly vest top (a charity shop bargain! such a good find as sequins, sparkle and glitter is such a big trend at the moment!) a plum chunky knit, socks and studded boots! These are some of my favourite things that are proving to be HUGE this Winter: star prints, glitter and sequins, jewel coloured velvet dresses and leggings-SO 80's but it just works! Plums, metallics, midnight blue and cobalt, animal prints-another BIG theme-whether its tiger, leopard or zebra it needs to be rocked in some form this A/W...leather-fake or real, ankle socks, knee high socks, barbour style jackets, silk and another biggie-FUR! 
Chunky plum cardie-Primark, sparkle vest-Charity shop bargain, faux leather shorts & star tights-Topshop, beige knitted ankle socks-Topshop, studded distressed boots-Vintage.

Trinkets & Treasure

Forever 21 beauties and at such bargain prices!


Swan Princess

Maxi dress-charity shop, 'London' vest-Topshop, cream jacket-Hoss Intropia, unicorn pendant & turban-Accessorize, leather & fur bag-Topshop


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