Midnight in Paris

Having just returned from watching Midnight in Paris, I felt extremely obliged to write about the beauty and unique story straight away. The only words to sum this film up would be hopelessly romantic..magical..surreal...fantastical..whimsical and beautifully enigmatic. Owen Wilson plays the part of Gill, a true romantic struggling with writer's block visiting the city of love with his fiance Inez (Rachel McAdams). While she is out partying with friends one night, Gill takes a night-time stroll among the Parisian streets in an attempt to gain inspiration; which he most certainly does...

When the clock strikes midnight, Gill is transported back in time to the Roaring Twenties, whereupon he encounters many famous writers, poets, artists and composers of the time such as Monet, Ernest Hemmingway, Picasso, Dali, T.S Eliot and Matisse. He begins to take the same journey each night, every time meeting with another one of his creative idols as well as the alluring Adrianna...

Gill falls for her beauty and undeniable Parisian charm and realises that he and Inez don't share the same love for the city and all things nostalgia and are forced to go their separate ways, allowing Gill to go ahead with his dream of relocating to Les Paris. Directed by Woody Allen and with a cast including the likes of Carla Bruni, Alison Pill and Marion Cotillard, you couldn't expect anything less than excellence.

The film has reignited my love for Twenties glamour and once again I have become hugely inspired to pursue a Flapper style photo shoot...! I love everything about the fashion from that era...the cute cloche hats, luxurious fur stoles, decadent beaded dresses, tassles, silk, satin, beads, glitz & glamour....I was definitely born in the wrong era, much like the protagonist of the film.

How I would give anything to have been around in the Twenties...but even more so to be living in the Parisian Twenties of opulence, to dance the Charleston and to have seen authentic Can-Can dancing at the Moulin Rouge with the dancers in all their show girl glory.

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