Portobello Paradise

Last weekend I took a long overdue trip to the fabulous Portobello market to pick up some trinkets and treasures! I literally wanted to purchase every vintage piece of clothing I saw- if only! Whoever said money can't buy you happiness...!

It always amazes me that there are this many vintage sewing machines existing in the world- and this is just one store out of hundreds!!

So beautiful

Love these quirky manequins

Vintage teapots & teacups are definitely a popular motif throughout the seller's stalls 

Browsing some authentic art here..

Coolest pizza parlor window ever!
Sparkly vest: Vintage, moss green jeans: New look, tan leather belt: Topshop, Oriental devore/silk jacket: Vintage, fox tail faux fur: H&M, jewellery: Topshop, Forever 21 & Vintage.

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