Dolly Diamond

The other week I paid a visit to the divine vintage boutique, Dolly Diamond. I had read about the store in numerous magazines before with great reviews, so I was happy to have discovered it and be able to take a peek!

Selling a mixture of women and menswear, Dolly Diamond is beautifully decorated and styled, with gorgeous wall displays and cabinets full of trinkets; not to mention the rails and rails of vintage dreaminess!

Something that made my visit even more interesting, was the discovery of this book displayed among an array of treasure, A Vintage Affair. I had read this book a few months back and fell in love with the beautiful story, and it turns out the owner of Dolly Diamond had helped the author, Isabel Wolff, with some of the necessary historic details surrounding vintage items. The lady in the shop told us all about it, and sure enough, her name is listed in the 'Thanks' section at the end! I would highly recommend reading this book to anyone who loves vintage and poignant stories, and of course would recommend visiting this delightful independent shop, if ever visiting the Portobello area- you won't be disappointed!

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