LFW 12-13 Exhibition Highlights

David Koma
Shiny shiny :)
Gorgeous airy, light and sheer fabrics...got me dreamin' of summer days...
Really enjoying the juxtaposition of the hard leathers with a touch of sparkle and a flash of neon.

Absolutely loving the structured architecture of this leather skirt!
 James Long
Oh bead encrusted jackets and dresses...how I love thee!
 Thomas Tait
Pretty pretty pastels
 Sister by Sibling

Love this cute display of Barbies in miniature little outfits! So kitsch.
Lovely mix of textures and colour pop brights!
 Kat Maconie

This shoe designer...is a genius!
 Stephen Jones

Brilliant concept for a hat!
Flutter by
Fit for a Royal!
Looking forward to see many of Jones' designs bobbing around at Ascot this Summer...

Love these glass, marble effect heels!

 Lovely mix of colours and patterns here

Pretty little cobalt blue beaded collar

I really do enjoy a spot of brocade :)

Gorgeous model showcasing some of the designs
Such craft here with this intricate all over embroidered jacket!
 Maria Francesca Pepe
I am a big fan of Pepe's accessories! Loving the body armour chains below...

 Fannie Schiavoni
Absolutely love Fannie Schiavoni since I used some of her pieces for a shoot when styling for 3rd Floor magazine! Such unique concepts for slightly more edgy and dramatic jewellery.
Look amazing...but I wonder if anyone could walk in them?
 Topshop Designer t-shirt Van
Selling all the charity designed t-shirts from Newgen winners and supporting designers for Topshop!
 Somerset House Courtyard- where it all happens!

 Myself & Alexandra from FFSS Blog
French Sole
I have never loved ballet slippers as much as I do right now...sparklessss!!

Shoes, glorious shoes!

These look simply luxurious! Cinderella slipper anyone?
Absolute beauties
Couldn't resist snapping this divine chair! I am picturing it beautifully in my (non-existant) Parisian boudoir....one day..perhaps!
Slightly disturbing hat of mauve hair on the left here...and I touched it...definitely felt real to me...!!
Lovely boho prints from Estethica for Monsoon!

 The Rockvault

 Somerset House & London at night...

London life zooming by


  1. Thank you for the comment on my blog, that's cool that you were the Stylist for 3rd floor last year, my friend is the photographer this year which is how I ended up on their blog! How is life after uni!? I'm terrified to be quite honest, really want to move to London and start working in Fashion but it's so expensive to live! Thank you for the luck, think I need it I have so much work to do eek! x

  2. I love the details on some of those pieces! They are amazing!

  3. WOW. Lot's of beautiful items. I especially love the shoes :) amazing




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