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The other week while in London for the Reiss press day, I took a little trip to Covent Garden- one of my favourite places to visit in the city, purely for it's tourist and holiday vibe, laid back chic and something is always going on! First stop was the gorgeously bright and bold Kate Spade, for a nosey at the new collections and to breathe in a dose of summer! I can honestly say I wanted to purchase everything! Especially seeing as many of the collections were giving a strong nod to the prominent Neon trend right now...which I LOVE! Check out their creative illustrated windows too...
Bright, bold and beautiful!

 A couple of cheeky purchases that I just couldn't resist...some cute neon ankle socks and a new mug for my collection!
These were pictures of all the different designs of mugs you could buy, I think the drawings are delightful! They're created to mimic a magazine cover..soo cute!
Time for a quick Pimm's o'clock with a dear friend of mine!
Chin chin!

I love the weather when it's like that, and you get everyone milling about drinking cider and spritzers outside pubs and cafes on a work evening...more of these please!

Wearing: tangerine tailored dress: Miss Selfridge, scarf: Vintage (Paris), bag: Marc B, neon pumps: Primark.

Dining Alfresco at Laduree, Covent Garden.

The day would not have been complete without taking a few of these babies home! 
What's your favourite macaroon flavour?

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