Paris 2012: Vintage Paris - The Last Installment

So here it is guys and gals...the last installment of my Paris 2012 posts! I know, I know...sad times! BUT, I can promise this shall not be the last of Paris...perhaps there will be a 2013 batch of photos to follow up...stay tuned. Anyway, on our last day strolling around Le Marais, several Vintage boutiques caught my eye (naturally) so of course I had to have a nosey at some of the beautiful pieces of Parisian fashion history that were being displayed before my very eyes...
First stop - 'Gilda Vintage', a truly charming store with a lovely owner.
Gorgeously colour coordinated rails of loveliness!
A rather impressive stone bust as a feature here.
SO beautiful!

Hello Mr. Fox, and how do you do, in your fur hat?

The interior of Gilda Vintage

Now the name of this store is very misleading to the clothes that actually awaited inside... the only aspect relevant was the funky 70's music being blasted out! Peace dude!
The amazing little resident budgies that squawked their appreciation and thanks when we dropped some change into the basket!
Love the idea of having the records stuck to the window

Scrumptious zesty, zingy colours ready for spring! 

Now is it slightly wrong that I had a bit of a thing for these patent rainbow stilettos...? 
So many fun scarves to choose from...
Ahhh vintage leather...

Amazing detailing!
This adorable little embroidered waistcoat was one of my favourite items!
Le Magnifique! (Apart from the blur..)

Loved this simple little vine of flowers twirled around the pillar - it made for a lovely, laid back touch
Cute oversized apples and pears! I'll be honest...not quite sure what they were...but they looked fun!!
Next stop - Aqua Reves...Aqua Dreams...beautiful, non? 
This boutique was definitely by far the most catered towards my Magpie self, with all it's pretty lace, beading and shiny things, not to mention the rather theatrical styling of the actual store...

Thought this floral lace jacket pictured on the mannequin was stunning!
A disco ball + numerous bouquets of flowers = brilliant, quirky, original, effective and charming!
So much lace!

Ooh la la!
Absolutely LOVE the fact there were Klimt paintings along the wall! One of my favourite artists...hmmm...thinking I may have to dedicate a whole post to the artistic genius soon now...watch this space..
Simply breathtaking!
So cute that they had a miniature Eiffel tower as display...many of the shops feature very British items and vice versa, over here we love anything to do with Paris! So I found it rather endearing that this little vintage boutique was embracing their most iconic landmark!
Saw these absolutely everywhere! Charms are looking to be a very necessary piece of wrist candy right now...
So that's it! Until next year...(hopefully!) 

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