Poppies and Castles...

The other week myself and my Mr decided to take a trip to the lovely town of Guildford for our anniversary day out. First stop was Guildford Castle, which overlooked stunning gardens surrounding the Castle, and picturesque views of the historic town. It was a gloriously warm and sunny day, so it was perfect to just casually stroll around enjoying the sights and taking time to relax. 
 Wearing: Poppy print bralet: Topshop, pleated midi skirt: Primark, bag: New Look.
 Oh hi little miss ladybird! 
Ancient Castle of Guildford
 Such pretty views of the grounds
 Maybe she was attracted to my neon nails?
Thought this ring was rather fitting for my anniversary 
 Les Nereides earrings 
 Cute little windy roads
My very unexpected but highly appreciated anniversary gift!
My beautiful, lavender, jewel encrusted Kurt Geiger sandals!
LOVE them! What would you prefer to receive for romantic gifts girls? Jewellery or shoes...it's a toughie I know!

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