Reiss A/W 12 Press Day

Last week I was very kindly invited to attend the Reiss Autumn/ Winter 2012 collections at their head office in London. I was extremely impressed with the intricate detailing so obviously displayed in many of the garments, and the rather eclectic and high end feel of the various trends. To be completely honest, I have generally thought of Reiss as quite formal and a very work wear based brand, but this collection truly blew me away with it's unique artistry, attention to detail and varied styles but still within keeping of the classic and sophisticated Reiss ethos and maintaining it's customer appeal. The fact that it was an A/W collection, did not mean lots of greys, blacks and neutrals- in fact, the collection focused on quite a few cosy pastel knits in pale pink and duck egg blue, as well as rich jewel tones for the more party wear pieces and electric neons for tapered trousers and blouses, giving a burst of energy. Absolutely not what one would expect from a A/W collection- but oh so very refreshing! All in all, a delightful day and a very impressed Maddie Magpie...possibly due to lots of sparkle and shine! 

The press pack we were given was all on a tiny little usb stick - so very modern!
 The first room I entered...
 Some very refreshing colours

 Love this little ensemble
 I am a big big fan of brocade/ metallic trousers...these are definitely no exception to that love!
 Absolutely adore the eclectic mix of banana yellow, royal blue, teal and metallic antique gold here - very very Autumnal but in an extremely elegant and luxurious way
 Lovely rail of pastels mixed with dusty grey pieces 
 Super glitzy jewel encrusted leggings!
 Love LOVE this Chanel style trophy jacket...this would look beautiful in my A/W wardrobe...

 This olive green ribbed dress seemed to cause quite a stir among some of the Press visiting...
 Lovely dreamy, hazy, under the sea print

 Red, white and pink...why not for A/W!??
 Lovely iridescent filmy blouse
 Sparkles sparkles and more sparkles!
 This coat reminds me of a gorgeous little duffle coat I had as a child, it is exactly the same colour and felt fabric, just minus the duffle fastening...a much more grown up version!
 Adore this little jewelled cardi - this is the type of investment piece that would simply go with absolutely anything, and would add a touch of sparkle to a plain outfit.
 Pretty pleating, delicate lace and sheer mesh make a lovely combo!

 Really like this touch of daring red leopard print! Still subtle as it is on an accessory, so would look amazing with a simple dress
 Amzing pleated metallic midi skirt with an uber high side split!
 I'm just loving the lime right now!!
Unfortunately not a great quality image due to Blackberry picture taking, but you can just about make out the embellished trousers with a filmy chiffon overlay - very glam!
 More lime....
 How cosy does this look!?
 Pretty little cocktail dress! Love the subtle organza skirt, just adds a little je nais se quoi!
 Love the big collar on this coat
 Love the fact there is a random splash of leather thrown into the mix! Really like the style of this dress too.
 Again, a lovely ensemble with the sequined dinner jacket, lace leggings and ombre tassle necklace!
 What more could you want from a dinner dress than this incredible piece of work!?
 Press room 2...

 This has got to be one of my favourite pieces from the day...so cute with the combination of sequins and little peter pan collar!
 More sequins....don't mind if I do...
 Lovely rich jewel tones seen on accessories and shoes
 Simply exquisite

 Royal blue at it's best...with a touch of sparkle!
 The bag and shoe room...
 Striking colours
 Love the subtle touch of zebra print and monochrome thrown into the rather colourful mix

 Perfect day to night shoe
 Simply LOVE this neon patent clutch! So simple but such a statement.
 These are the impressive trousers as seen above in a clearer picture...aren't they amazing!?

 Love these quirky leather and chain mix bracelets - they would go with any outfit and give just a subtle burst of colour

 Oversized chain bracelets with a feminine touch, with the ribbon tied

 I like this boyfriend blazer...it kind of reminds me of a peacock coloured mermaid!?
Just love the juxtaposition of styling this ballgown with a funky, edgy biker jacket!

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