The Great Gatsby

I literally cannot wait for this to hit the big screen in December!! I don't even think I can bear to wait that long for it...the trailer looks incredibly beautiful. The modern rendition of F. Scott Fitzgerald's literary classic,  originally published in 1925, encompasses elements of grit, drama, sex, romance, beauty, danger, tragedy and plenty of Twenties glamour. With a Hollywood royalty combined cast, including the genius that is Leonardo DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan, Tobey McGuire and model Gemma Ward...it looks set to be an absolute cracker for the proposed Boxing Day release...(pun intended!) 

Check out the trailer above... love the fact that the opening soundtrack is Kanye & Jay Z's No Church in the Wild - very juxtaposing to the old school Twenties elegance!

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  1. i'm reading this book too.. its coool and cant wait for the movie




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