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So after editing and looking back at the (many) pictures I took from this time last week spent at Wireless, I was inspired to compile a moodboard for festival fashion. Festival season is only just beginning, with the likes of some of the biggest UK festivals looming over us, such as CreamfieldsVReading & LeedsBestival and Global Gathering to name but a few, as well as many smaller, independent ones across the country. 

What with the weather being unable to live up to much, it is becoming harder for us girls to plan our outfits for the rain, mud and cold, whilst still attempting to look stylish. Long gone are the days where we can just throw on a pair of hotpants, vest and a pair of sunnies without a care in the world: now we are having to layer up if it's cold but then able to take some items off it gets warm, pack a raincoat, more layers, spare footwear, hats, scarves and sunglasses, sun-cream and umbrellas - basically everything to accommodate all potential weather scenarios! 

So with this in mind, I have put together a few style tips and snippets of advice for those of you who are yet to tackle the muddiness this year! You never can be too prepared for a festival, because let's face it, we pay extortionate prices to go and see all our favourite artists and to live the dream for a weekend...there would be nothing worse that the great British weather coming along and (literally) dampening our spirits and carefully put together outfits!
FASHION: Opt for a fairly simple outfit: classic denim shorts, a slouchy logo vest top or jersey crop top, comfy and warm basic hoody, a waterproof that can easily be folded up small in your bag i.e. a 'pac a mac', chunky knee high socks to protect those wellies from rubbing either with or without tights as well - depending on the weather! I would take a pair of leggings/ thick tights in your bag just in case, if just attending a day festival. 
Stye Tip: Don't just stick to traditional denim shorts; think about going for a bright/pastel coloured pair, or embellished in someway with colourful embroidery or studs. Plus- avoid playsuits at all times! 

FOOTWEAR: I would definitely advise wearing wellies at all times, whatever festival it is, not only for practicality due to the weather, but also as they are the comfiest option for standing on those tootsies for hours on end and also, because they epitomise the festival look! Wellies have become so fashion forward these days with such a demand for them, they're not what they used to be when you were six years old and forced to wear some hideous slime coloured ones on school trips! Check out Hunter, the celeb favourite for cool designs and colours. For weekend festivals I would also advise packing a pair of lightweight sandals in the hope of some sunny weather. 
Style Tip: Be bold in your welly choice, or alternatively with socks and tights; think crazy patterns, prints or colour clash! 

ACCESSORIES: Possibly one of the most important parts of your festival outfit, both practically and for the fun element! Sunglasses are obviously a must, as well as a cool trilby to keep those matted tresses hidden away; or a pretty flower garland, which are proving to be more and more popular each year on the festival scene. There are some really unique ones available all across the high street, so don't just go with the first one you find, or get creative and make your own unique one. A back pack or across the body shoulder bag, again in an interesting print is essential for security, or if your feeling retro, go with a bum bag! Cool jewellery; anything with the words or symbols for peace or love will always look great, and of course...an umbrella! 
Style Tip: Overload on stacks of quirky bangles and layered rings, rather than dangley earrings or long necklaces, as these could end up being a slight hazard when raving to Chase and Status in the mosh pit! 

HAIR & MAKEUP: Keep makeup fairly simple with a good base of foundation, dab of matte powder to keep the shine at bay and sweep of blusher to wake up sleep deprived skin. Usually I would avoid eye liner, as this either tends to melt off from all that heavy partying, or smudge from the rain, definitely use a good mascara to open up tired eyes, and perhaps an illuminator to highlight cheekbones and brows. Keep nails short(ish) as you don't want a nasty break, but go all out with funky wraps and quirky designs! Wash your hair on the morning before you leave, as this will mean it will last longer for the weekend and take a large can of the absolute god send that is dry shampoo - my favourite brand is Batiste. As far as hairstyles go, pretty much anything goes! Although personally, on the first day of a weekend festival I would leave hair natural and touseled with a flower garland, to get the most out of clean hair, then on the second day pull hair onto the top of your head in a dohnut (with lashings of dry shampoo), and for the third and final days, I would cover up with a hat or pull into a casual side plait. 
Style Tip: Go for a long lasting, bright lipstick shade to stand out in the crowd, rather than heavy eye makeup, as that will last longer without top-ups. Also, use face glitter on cheeks and above the brows...just because you can! 
My pre- festival outfit for Wireless last weekend: My festival look: neon violet denim shorts & trilby: New Look, 'New York' printed vest: Topshop, embellished waistcoat: River Island, pink hoody: Bank, pink knee high socks: Forever 21, leopard print wellies: Next, fringed shoulder bag & leather jacket: Vintage, gold rimmed aviators: Miss Selfridge

Hope this helps girls, now go party in the mud!

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