Wireless, Hyde Park 2012

This time last week was an extremely excitable time, as I was standing (in the mud) dancing and singing along like a maniac, to the goddess that is Rihanna close Wireless 2012, with style, swagger and downright sexiness! I had been looking forward to this event for months, mainly just to see Ri Ri live, and I can safely say that she definitely did not disappoint...
I have to say that I really enjoyed Jessie J as well, who did a great job firing us all up for Rihanna. Other acts that impressed were Labyrinth and Stooshe, who have grown on me since seeing them live - they also have a really cool style going on, similar to the likes of Little Mix - with that urban, sporty, girlish mix. 
Clean wellies to start with...not for long though...
My festival look: neon violet denim shorts & trilby: New Look, 'New York' printed vest: Topshop, embellished waistcoat: River Island, pink hoody: Bank, pink knee high socks: Forever 21, leopard print wellies: Next, fringed shoulder bag & leather jacket: Vintage, gold rimmed aviators: Miss Selfridge
So far so good weather wise...
Told you it didn't take long!
Here comes the rain...!
And the macs are out!

'Mama do the hump do the hump hump...'
Rizzlekicks 'Get down with the trumpets'
Beautiful rainbow
Jessie J strutting her stuff
Blue skies
Ri Ri
'You can stand under my umbrella..'
'...ella ella ella..'
'It's raining, raining...'
Home-time...at least it wasn't like that the whole day!

What's your favourite festival?


  1. This is a fabulous post!!!
    You did a great job capturing the FUN...I was smiling the whole time reading it ;)
    You guys looked like you had a blast...and despite the rain, your outfit was super chic & fashionable ;)


  2. Thanks so much hun! Aww i'm glad you enjoyed it :) thank you!xx



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