Zara Bargain Shopping

Now I don't usually go into Zara that much- not because I don't like it, but I just never really think about it as an option, as I have it in my head that the prices are extortionate for what the items are, and the clothes are boring and business like. However, whenever I do actually venture into the store, I always find myself laden down with bundles of very reasonably priced garments that I love and must own! This happens every time, you would think I would have learnt by now! Anyway, the same thing happened the other day when a friend of mine pursuaded me to visit the Zara sale which had started that day, I found SO many beautiful bargains! I was quite impressed with myself though, as I only purchased 2 items from the one million and one items thrown over my arm.
This gorgeous all over sequin clutch bag, in tones of mermaid green, caught my eye instantly! Also, it is very practical for a night out with the zip fastening, as I am constantly battling with clutch bags on a night out to stay shut without it popping open again...I mean there are so many neccassary items a girl must have on her possession, it would be impossible to discard any of them! Therefore, the zip fastening is definitely the way forward if you're like me, and insist on taking out everything but the dressing table mirror on those girly nights out!
I also got these gorgeous, chic, embossed cigarette trousers, which I had admired long ago on a fellow work colleague, so was overjoyed when I discovered them in the sale AND in my size! (rare for sales) Naturally, one must be careful when sporting white on the bottom half, so keep it simple with a flash of bright colour and subtle bit of pattern; don't mix with a really dark top half or you will look too top heavy, as always, stick on a pair of killer courts and voila! Perfect for laid back cocktails and nibbles with the girls.


  1. I absolutely love that clutch and those pants are soooo chic!! I just did a post about fashionable finds during all these summer sales :)
    It's so wonderful to find fashion at a great price, right?

  2. Thank youu! I will have to check yours out! And yes most definitely! xx



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