Little Black Jacket Exhibition by Karl Lagerfeld & Carine Roitfeld

The other weekend I visited the widely talked about and highly praised Little Black Jacket exhibition, at the Saatchi gallery on the Kings Road. The exhibition consisted of a series of  100+ black and white photographs featuring various celebrities and muses, from the obvious subjects such as Anna Wintour, Natalia Vodianova and Daphne Guiness, to some more unexpected candidates including Kanye West- all wearing the classic black tweed jacket in a unique way; reinvented and styled accordingly to reflect each subjects personality. It was a beautiful and personal exploration of each individual, as well as a brilliant tribute to Karl Lagerfeld and his work, and of course paid great homage to Chanel's iconic wardrobe staple. I was incredibly lucky to have been able to catch the last day of the exhibition, not to mention nabbing a free poster of the beautiful Georgia Jagger - what a treat!

(All images belong to Maddie Potter at Mode Madeleine blog)

Did anyone else attend the exhibition; what did you think?


  1. I love your fur collar- it adds the perfect touch of bold sophistication!
    And wow, some of those photo designs are absolutely amazing! I especially love the structured skirts.


    1. Hello again Sabrina, thank you so much for your kind comment :} I'm guessing you must have many incredible exhibitions to visit in Canada too? x

  2. You are so gorgeous! I am in love with your sense of style and that fur collar is so stunning!

    This is such a beautiful exhibition. I love how the black and white photographs look so lovely and timeless. These photographs are inspiring beyond words and I thank you for sharing them with us - I'd love to see this exhibition up close! I love Chanel, it really is my favorite designer brand. I'm just 15 so I can't really afford anything from there but when I grow older I'd definitely be investing in some enduring pieces like the ones in those photographs.

    I've just followed your beautiful blog! (:

    Love, Fatima fashionpilgrim
    Twitter: @fashpilgrim
    Instagram: @fashionpilgrim

    1. Hi Fatima, thank you so much for your lovely comments and for following :) I have just visited your blog and was impressed by your articulate and intelligent journalistic style.... so I have happily followed you back! x

  3. You look lovely! Looks like an amazing exhibition too! You have a new followed :)



    1. Thank you so much Sophie :) and thanks for following too. I've just been over to yours, how amazing to be interning at Motel Rocks...well done you! Following you back now x

  4. So cool u could attend!!! Thanks for sharing all those pics :D


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