Thank you for the Nomination! Liebster Blog Award :)

I am finally getting around to posting my questions and answers for the Liebster Blog Award, which I was very kindly nominated for by Jessica-Chelsey from her lovely blog. I have seen this on many other blogs and thought it sounded like a lovely way of appreciation for the lesser known blogs out there, so I was delighted to see that my little one had been nominated to be a part of it!

The rules are as follows: 

Post 11 random facts about yourself
- Answer 11 questions from the person that nominated you
- Nominate 11 new blogs (with under 200 followers) and make a new tag of 11 questions for them to answer!

So here goes...

11 Facts About Mode Madeleine:

1. I will never wear the same outfit twice. EVER.

2. I am a human magpie...I am uncontrollably drawn to anything and everything shiny, sparkly or glittery!

3. I am extremely ambitious but would never step on anyone's toes to get where I want to be - hard work, dedication and motivation are my strongest beliefs when it comes to success.

4. I have an unhealthy obsession with vinegar when it comes to chips. Oh and I can happily eat a whole jar of pickled onions in one sitting. (I got it from my mumma!)

5. I will always sniff a carton of milk when I open it to double check it's not off - even if it's brand new and I've just taken the seal off. Weird I know. (OCD?)

6. I am an absolute hopeless romantic and cry at most films.

7. My favourite saying is Que sera sera; whatever will be will be, and I try to live life by it, albeit sometimes it is difficult to think like that.

8. I have a bucket list with at least 40 different parts of the world I would love to visit one day.

9. I studied drama throughout school and college and always used to want to be an actress since I was a little girl, until my love of fashion and styling overtook that desire...although if I was given the opportunity, one day I would still love to act.

10. I sometimes like to imagine that my life is a movie when I'm travelling on a train or some form of transport if I'm listening to my Ipod and that is my soundtrack...see..hopeless romantic and wannabe actress make sense now!

11. When I was little I had a huggee fancy dress box and would dress up (usually as a Princess) with my best friend and we would put on plays for our mums when round one another's houses. (She wanted to be an actress too) 

Now you know my inner most secret and weird obsessions...here are my answers to Jessica Chelsey's 11 questions...

1. If you had to sum up your blog in 3 words what would they be?
Feminine, Creative, Doesn't-Take-Itself-Too-Seriously (ok so a slight cheat!?)

2. In 2013 what do you intend to do more of on your blog? (i want to do more beauty posts!)
I have been meaning to introduce a new post for Mondays (Magpie Mondays) where I will write about anything that is remotely magpie-esque, so probably that. 

3. Dresses or Jeans?
Dresses definitely in Spring/Summer...and I am loving bodycon midi dresses with thick tights for the winter. I don't generally wear jeans that much unless it's freezing or just to whack on to pop to the shop, but I really enjoy patterned 'treggings' right now for comfort and style!

4. Whats your favourite nail polish colour to wear?
I don't have a particular fave - I love experimenting with different and unusual colours! Everytime I redo my nails I will chose a completely new colour from the previous one. I have just bought a vibrant green one from Barry M which I will be trying out this weekend!

5. Shoes or Bags?
This is impossible! Ahhh...erm..shoes...NO! Bags!!..... no wait shoes! Oh screw it, both! I can't decide!!

6. What is your favourite high street shop to buy clothes from?
Well this will seem bias as I work there but I am probably solely responsible for keeping Topshop in business...but I have long been a TS girl at heart even before I worked there! I also really love Zara these days and Miss Selfridge is great for when I need a jewellery fix!

7. What is your must- have beauty product?
Hmmm...well if I had to chose one thing that I couldn't live without then I guess it would be foundation as I always feel better in the mornings once my base is done. And mascara. Oh and my eyebrow pencil. And I do love a good bright coral/pink/red lippie.

8. Red lips or Nude lips?
I love a red lip to add instant glamour to an outfit. But sometimes a nude lip is perfect for certain outfits- it depends on what colours I'm wearing as I don't tend to clash a red lip if I'm wearing bright colours.

9. What is your ultimate blogging wish/goal
Hmm this is a toughie. Probably to just become more recognised for my work and to continue to make it grow and gain exposure and to carry on meeting other bloggers and make new friends in the industry.

10. Who is your style icon?
I don't particularly have a style icon, as I never really look at a celeb and think 'oh I'd like to dress like that', I like to make my own decisions and create my own ideas for outfits. There are women whose style I admire, so they would probably be: Rihanna, Fearne Cotton, Blake Lively and Rosie Huntington-Whitely.

11. And just for fun...name your favourite chocolate bar :)
Ooohhh decisions decisions...I do love a good caramel dairy milk!

And finally, the 11 lovely blogs that I have chosen to pass this onto and nominate...

1. Janine at Bake Glue and Trend
2. How Vintage at You're My Favourite Flavour
3. Mandy at Label V Look
5. Alexandra at Fashion Fades Style Stays
6. Rakhee at Tailors Essentials
7. Cath at Square Marshmallow
8. Tori at Topshop Tori
9. Becca at Taz and Bear
10. Rosalie at Rosalie Jayne
11. India at Velvet Ghost

And my questions for you...

1. Who is your all time favourite actress?
2. High street or designer?
3. Glamming up to the nines for a night out on the tiles or topknot hair, no make-up and PJ's for a night in?
4. Paris, London or New York?
5. Ultimate beauty tip?
6. Squoval, stiletto or square nails?
7. Prefer to be a lady of leisure or career girl?
8. What would you be willing to give up for a lifetime of unlimited clothes, shoes and bags?
9. Favourite quote/ motto?
10. Iphone or Ipad?
11. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

Thank you again Jessica for nominating me and your  fun questions! I hope you next nominees enjoy answering yours!


  1. Congrats on getting this award! That's sooo awesome =D I also really admire Blake Lively's style! She always looks so incredibly polished! Anyways, I'm your newest follower via google (188) and bloglovin. I'd really love it if you could check out my blog and maybe follow back?!

    xoxo Can't wait to read more!
    Twitter: Sensiblestylist

    1. Hi Kimberly, thank you so much for visiting, for your kind comments, and for the follow! I have been to visit your wonderful blog, and I am very happy to follow you too :) x

  2. Wow! You have got this.

    I've also nominated you to the Liebster Award.



    1. Awww thank you very much Caroline, I'm sorry I have just completed one, I would have loved to answer your sweet questions :) xo

  3. I wanted to message your privately - but I don't know how?! (I'm hopeless!)
    Just wanted to a say a massive thank you for nominating me - literally means so much :)

    Cant wait to do my post - Thanks again!



  4. Great answers! A big congratulations to you.

    1. Awww thank you so much Caroline, I see you have one yourself :) Your gingerbread tea sounds delicious! xo

  5. Well done on the award and thanks so much for nominating me. I have actually done it before but I will answer your questions below and will give you a shout out in my blog post on Wednesday :)

    1. Who is your all time favourite actress? Anna Faris
    2. High street or designer? High Street all the way
    3. Glamming up to the nines for a night out on the tiles or topknot hair, no make-up and PJ's for a night in? Completely depends when you ask me, sometimes I am a party animal and can go out for 12-14 hours solid dancing and drinking and other times it is a chore to just get off the sofa lol
    4. Paris, London or New York? New York (only because I have been to the other two but never been to NY)
    5. Ultimate beauty tip? Sleep and lots of water. Plus always always always wear a high SPF
    6. Squoval, stiletto or square nails? Squoval
    7. Prefer to be a lady of leisure or career girl? Career Girl with lots of holidays
    8. What would you be willing to give up for a lifetime of unlimited clothes, shoes and bags? Chocolate
    9. Favourite quote/ motto? You get what you give
    10. Iphone or Ipad? Neither, I am really not a fan of apple, they are trying to take over the world lol
    11. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why? Los Angeles, as I just felt so at home when I went there on holiday.

    Great questions, thank you :) I will be putting my giveaway on my blog on Wednesday too (it is a dress from inLOVEwithfashion, if you want to check it out)

    Thanks again

    Janine xx

  6. Aww sorry Janine, didn't do my Liebster research very well did I? Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions anyway :) I look forward to your giveaway, you are an excellent dress picker! xo

  7. Congratulations on your award Maddie!!! Loved your answers!!! Great stuf!!! Love your blog!!! I wish you continued success!!!!! Maybe one day I will get to see you on the big screen in movies!! :)

    1. Hey Shawner.....hmmm that's most unlikey I think, but thanks anyway :)

  8. Thank you for the nomination I will post it soon!

    Cath x

    1. You're very welcome Cath, I look forward to reading it :) xo

  9. Thank you so much for the nomination! So sweet of you! :) I definitely agree with #3 I think that shows what good values you have. I've worked with many people so not like that and it's not pleasant. I am totally like you as well when it comes to sad movies, I absolutely cannot control the waterworks!!!!! It's embarrassing really! :|


  10. Hi hun, awww you're very welcome :) Well, I like to think I am a decent person....sorry to hear you have had unpleasant experiences in the workplace :( Yes.... gotta love a good tear-jerker...The Notebook is a classic! xo



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