Chicago The Musical, Twenties and The Great Gatsby Revisited...

A few months back I visited the highly acclaimed musical, Chicago, with my Dad. It had long been on my long list of many things to do/see (since my 16th Birthday to be precise!), so I was extremely excited to finally see the story I had fallen in love with, when I watched it in the cinema when I was a mere teen. I have just found my photos from the evening recently, after misplacing them in the wrong album on my laptop..(it needs a clean up!), so here it is...Chicago the Musical, and what with the phenomenon that is The Great Gatsby set to be released in May; which I am just itching to see, it seems a rather apt post to show you all!
Above: Some images taken from our programme.

Final curtain call
Getting into the Twenties spirit with fur and lace...
While I have been completing the mammoth, ongoing task of operation-room-clear out, I came across some of my old Uni projects, some of which were heavily influenced by the 1920's era.

Finally, here are some Great Gatsby inspired windows for Jigsaw in Sloane Square, London, last summer...I must get myself over to Harrods sharpish, as I just know there will be the most fabulous displays dedicated to the film of the year!

I have been prepping myself and dusting off my knowledge by getting some bedtime reading in ready for the big day...and expect to see a beaded/ feathered extravaganza for an outfit choice when I go to watch it!
Check out my Great Gatsby post from back in July last year when I was anticipating it's arrival for the Christmas period - only to be devastated for the date to be put back til May this year! However...the 16th is fast approaching, let's hope it's not even further postponed- I can't wait much longer...http://modemadeleine.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/great-gatsby-trailer-official-2012-1080.html


  1. I really need to watch this! glad you enjoyed it. Your outfit is so cute, loving the jacket. x


  2. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog :) I have to say that I think the 20's was one of my favourite fashion era's, it was just so glam... Who can resist a bit of sparkle and feathers?! :) xx

  3. Love LOVE this post! I am studying History at University and focusing my dissertation on American 1920's, on the flapper girls! :) I can not wait for the Great Gatsby to come out!! Also Chicago is one of my fave films :)

    Love your blog :)

    Laura xx



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