Pinch Punch First of the Month...My Month in Pictures

Crazy that it's now June! May has been a pretty cool month for me, so thought I would put together a little photo montage of how I spent it...
1. Making the most of the sunshine on Bournemouth pier, 2. Bedroom renovation almost complete, 3. Getting quite a little collection of baby clothes now, 4. Strawberries & Shloer in the sunshine, 5. My huge pile of clothes etc that I sold on eBay! 6. Booked my Mumma and I tickets to see the Swan Lake ballet at the Royal Albert Hall for June, 7. Wearing sequins ready to watch the Great Gatsby, 8. Treats from Topshop, 9. New Shooeeess! 10. Roots done, 11. Lazy day watching some old faves, 12. Anniversary flowers, 13. Baking, 14. My non alcoholic cocktails for a BBQ, 15. Mini break with the girls in Oxford, 16. Cute little cat toy for baby boy. 17. Bazaar, 18. Love my new Clinique make up, 19. Pretty earrings from Oxford, 20. Scrummy ice cream cup cakes, 21. More baking, 22. New earrings finally arrived! 23. Non alcoholic Cosmo in Oxford, 24. A visit to the beautiful bluebell wood, 25. Last day of the month!

How have you spent your May?


  1. Nice pics ;)

  2. Looks great! Very nice pictures! ♥

    From Finland, with ♥,

  3. Adorable pictures. I can't believe it's June already, weren't we just celebrating new years?! Aww you really made the most of the nice weather and bless you getting all your baby clothes ready, how cute! I absolutely adore that cover of Bazaar, Carey looked so stunning. Those ice cream cupcakes look absolutely lush!

  4. This is such a pretty and adorable collection of photos.

  5. Great way to sum up the entire month... loved it...
    Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a lovely comment... I loved your blog! Following you now... hope you'll follow back.. :)
    Let's talk about everything

  6. I love the earrings.. were they super expensive?




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