Oxford Girly Mini Break

What I'm Wearing: Lilac maxi dress: Miss Selfridge, apple 3/4 length cardigan: Thrifted, lilac jewelled sandals: Kurt Geiger, necklace: Vintage, bracelet and rings: Forever 21, green flower earrings: Aspire in Oxford.

I have been a very good little thrifty Magpie for the last few months since discovering the lovely news of my baby boy's presence, and held back from spending money so frivolously as I once did... in order to then do so on cute, tiny baby things instead..within reason..ahem. However, it's a funny little thing of mine that whenever I go away or to a new town I've not visited before, I like to pick up a tiny little something that will remind me of the trip; a sort of grown up souvenir if you will, I guess I never grew out of wanting to purchase little rubbers and pencils emblazoned with logos from the gift shops of childhood destinations. Anyway, the point is that I saw these gorgeous, green flower drop earrings in a cute little vintage-esque shop called Aspire, and knew that I had to take them home with me. 

Cute and quirky pink bicycle decoration outside the shop and pretty, quaint window displays.

I had to post this picture to show my dear friend Beck's gorgeous Miss Selfridge floral maxi dress - isn't the back detail just divine!?
Lovely view of the pretty pastel punts floating in the river, intricate ceiling architecture, girlies in the sunshine, the Grand Cafe where we have set our sights on for cream tea next time & blue skies and blossom.
I thought I would take the opportunity of a little night out with the girls to give the bump his debut outing, in a turquoise bodycon midi which I snapped up on eBay (along with a couple other colours too) and of course, a perfect chance to show off my beautiful new Primark beauties which I had been lusting after for quite some time, as well as my gorgeous new cream, quilted leather look jacket from good old Toppers*note: this post is from a good month or so ago...my bump has since doubled in size!*

A glorious weekend filled with sunshine, the perfect company of my amazing friends, BBQ's, snoozing, cultured walks and tourist behaviour, picnics, strolls along the riverbank, laughter & cake!


  1. You look lovely and those earrings are so pretty, I love having little keepsakes from days out, Hope you had a nice weekend, you definitely picked the right time to go to such a beautiful place:)
    Rosalie x

    1. Thank you Rosalie! I know it must be a girly thing ;) yes the weather was glorious for once! xx

  2. nice pics!
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  3. You're looking great!! Hope everything is going well!! :)
    Loved your sparkly sandals...they will definitely come in handy later on when heels are no more an option ;)

    1. Aw thanks Martha :) all is well, little one is just getting very squirmy in there now! Hope you are enjoying your little beauty :) haha heels are no longer an option now!! 7 weeks to go then maybe they can come out to play again soon xx

  4. I Love Oxford, its one of my favourite places in the UK. Mainly because when I lived in Aylesbury...whenever my mother would come up to visit she would take me on a shopping spree there ;) hehe great shopping. Yep..if I only have a bit of cash...it goes on my daughter. Her smiling face makes it all worth it. You look so adorable xx

    1. Thank you hun! The bump is quite a bit bigger than this now lol. Ahh lucky you! Or more rather lucky Eva :) ha yes, already I can see that happening, if I'm shopping I'll automatically go straight to the baby section now- and he's not even here yet! I can imagine I would spend even more if I had a girly though hehe xx



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