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Tomorrow is the last day to enter the House of Fraser Fashion Getaways Blogger Challenge, which is a brilliant little competition that has been running for the past five weeks. The idea is to style an outfit, beauty look or room inspired by one of the great fashion capitals: London, Paris, New York, Tokyo or Milan and then ask your readers to guess which one you have chosen! There was no doubt about it I was going to go with an outfit; as much as I love cosmetics and interiors, my heart will always predominantly lie with clothes and accessories! As for my city of choice...that was a toughie between two, however, I wanted to give myself a little personal challenge and step out of my comfort zone slightly, so I chose a city which I am dying to visit...but was not the obvious choice for me... 

My first port of call for my city of choice was Ted Baker, as I have been lusting after their whole A/W collection since attending the catwalk show back in July, (see my post on the event here) especially all the decadent jewel tones of the blazers. I decided on this emerald jacket as anyone who has seen my outfit posts knows I'm a sucker for any shade of green! I also thought it would add a funky pop of colour to the monochrome ensemble of the polka dot trousers and slogan Tee. I chose this T-shirt from Mango, as I thought it added a chic, urban edge to the outfit which would fit in with my city of choice, as well as creating a strong, graphic pattern clash- which would really stand out in the crowded streets of.... (anyone guessed where yet..?)

I absolutely love these cute polka dot trousers from Dickins and Jones! Patterned tapered/ cigarette trousers are one of my favourite wardrobe staples for any season, and something I can't wait to be able to wear again once I am post baby bump as of a couple of weeks! This trouser style is just such a chic and stylish item that can be combined with most styles of tops and jackets, to create maximum versatility. For my chosen city, this outfit undoubtedly needed a pair of sassy stilettos; and I found the perfect ones from Dune. Adding a little extra pattern clash, I thought these black and white striped beauties worked amazingly with the whole 'urban/chic/fashionista' vibe. I also love the fact they have a red heel and the subtle red piping around the edges - this of course meant a striking red bag to finish off the ensemble...and to satisfy my colour co-ordination addiction necessity. There is a huge range of delicious handbags on the HOF website, which made it extremely difficult to decide on which one would finish off my outfit, but after much deliberation I settled on this beauteous DKNY, crocodile finish leather tote bag; absolutely perfect for slinging over your arm after a long day in a skyscraper office block, to head out for after work Cosmos with the girls! 

Now I am extremely fond of excessive jewels when dressing, but the city I have chosen is much more refined so I didn't want to overdo it on the accessories front. Instead I have only opted for this stunning Dyrberg Kern jewelled, layered chain necklace as a simple statement piece, and this sleek gold Marc by Marc Jacobs watch - an essential item in this busy and thriving city! I've never been one for full on monochrome, so I think the little touches of the green and red mixed in really compliment the main pieces, keeping it chic and city savvy with a tiny touch of quirk.

Finally, for me it wouldn't be a complete outfit without a spritz of my favourite perfume and a slick of lipstick. I have opted for a brand which is quite iconic in my city of choice, to add a little heritage to my creation. I adore the scent of Tom Ford's Black Orchid; sensual and intoxicating - quintessential for the city that never sleeps. I've also gone for Tom Ford again for choosing a luxurious lipstick, opting for 'True Coral' - not wanting to chose the obvious scarlet lip for this outfit, it will add a subtler touch but still look just as glamorous and tie in with the other red accents.

So, any ideas of where I have catered my styled outfit towards? Let me know by commenting below!

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  1. I always hear about these competitions too late! Those trousers are amazing - I need a pair like this in my life! x



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