My Pregnancy Style: Height of Summer at 32 Weeks

This outfit is from a few weeks ago when I was 32 weeks pregnant (I feel like I have doubled in size since then!), but what with getting everything sorted with the new flat and getting last minute bits and bobs for the baby, I've only just got around to editing a stack of *almost* forgotten photos! The weather has since become quite a bit cooler, but this was an outfit I put together when we were living in the 30 degree heat and even maxi dresses were too much for me to handle! 

I found this stretchy mini skirt I had got in the H&M sale last Summer, (for ONE POUND!) which provided me with great comfort while keeping me cool! This was a favourite wardrobe staple of mine for a good few days, and I wished I had more in other colours at the time! Since I have not really had to buy any Maternity clothes, skirts and dresses are pretty much all I've been living in whilst pregnant and during the extreme heat; I usually love cute little shorts in the Summer, but when I naively tried to pull on some old favourites, they of course no longer fitted me, and with not long left of the pregnancy I haven't wanted to spend money on Maternity shorts when skirts like this one do just as good a job; I'd rather wait till I am post baby bump and spend that money on a few new goodies after littleun has arrived :)

Never one for plain dressing, despite the extreme heat I of course had to accessorise with a few signature jewels, and a pretty little lacy waistcoat that has spent most of it's life in the holiday/ festival suitcase on top of my wardrobe  up till now!

What I'm Wearing: Cream lace waistcoat & lime bodycon mini skirt: Both H&M, sequin sandals: Miss Selfridge. lime leather shoulder bag: Zara, necklace: New Look, rings & bracelets: Vintage.

What's been your can't-live-without-it Summer staple?


  1. amazing outfit, honey !
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  2. Gosh time has flown, seems like just yesterday you announced you were pregnant! You're rocking the maternity chic, looking lovely as always. :) That skirt was a bargain and you're so lucky you haven't had to shell out on maternity wear!

    1. Ha it really has hasn't it!! It does feel like it's slowing down now though...! Ah thank you hun :) yes it was a bargain!! xx

  3. Aw your really glowing here, You look lovely, being with bump clearly agree's with you :) I can't believe it's gone by so fast though! Just read your comment, aha it's so easy to get behind with comments, I always forget to read a few and find them again months later, Glad you too are well, I'm great thankyou :)
    Rosalie x

  4. You look lovely. I am an aspiring stylist and really loved your moodboard / editorials pages really inspirational.

    You have a lovely blog :)



  5. 32 weeks of splendour! You look super fit, sweet and glamourously adorable!
    Great job Maddie :-) Love
    Coco et La vie en rose
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  6. You look so fabulous!!! I love those fresh and summery colors!


  7. Beautiful color combination! <3


  8. You're wearing your pregnancy really well- your outfit is gorgeous on you and it's all so summery! I especially love the bright colours in the accessories.


    P.S. Giveaway happening on my blog!

  9. You do pregnancy style so well, you look gorgeous :) xx

  10. Great outfit!!
    I love it when women are proud of their pregnancy... they are always so beautiful as you :)


  11. You look so beautiful. This is a stunning colour mix. Wishing you the best

  12. You look beautiful! I love how you still maintain a fashionable outfit even though you're pregnant, and it looks comfy too!

    Jen xx

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