New Banner & Feature on Illustrator Victoria Boxell

I am extremely excited to present my new Blog banner, which a friend of mine has been working on for me. I had been looking to update the banner style for some time, and had quite a strong vision of how I wanted it to look, it was just finding somebody with that similar sense of style. I came across Victoria's instagram page and instantly loved her feminine, slightly surreal and quirky illustrations and knew she was the person to turn my creative thought process into something real!

I wanted to feature a few of Victoria's favourite pieces to say thank you for working so hard on my design. Her work is predominantly fashion related, but she states she enjoys drawing almost anything as well. I worked with Victoria when we were both at Topshop, but before that she completed her degree in Fashion Promotion at Southampton Solent University, focusing her projects around illustration as much as possible. She has always loved drawing, ever since her school days and did an Art foundation course in Reading, with the intention of following it up by doing her degree in Fine Art. However, it was by doing this course that she came to realise that her interests focused on fashion, which lead to the decision to go via that route, combining her passion for illustration as well. 
Victoria is now dipping her toes in the water of creating her own business from her talents, firstly focusing on creating a range of merchandise mainly consisting of stationary featuring her drawings, but would like to expand into other items such as print, greetings cards, phone cases and mugs. She tells me she never would have thought she would be trying to make a career out of this, and that it is all a very new and exciting prospect for her; I have no doubt that she will make a very successful business out of her designs!
All of Victoria's illustrations are hand drawn and then edited on Photoshop. She is also in the midst of creating a range of products to sell at the Southampton Festival on the 21st September; so go and check out her stall if in the area! A massive thank you once again to the uber talented Miss Boxell! You can check out some more of Victoria's work over on her Facebook page here, and by following her on Instagram @victoriaillustrates. 

What do you think of the new design?


  1. It's amazing, so unique and suits your blog perfectly x

    1. Ahh thank you hun :) been wanting to update it for so long! Really pleased with it! x



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