Baby Shower: 36 Weeks

Now I don't usually like to post too many personal posts on my blog, as I like it to predominantly contain fashion/ style related content. However, as I have been documenting my Maternity Style through my outfit posts and I've been so touched at everyone's lovely comments throughout my pregnancy, I thought it was only right to share with my readers a few intimate moments from my special day. Not only that, but I really loved the theme that Franki, one of my oldest friends, chose for me, after my request of not wanting a typical, baby blue, cliched style. I hope you enjoy this post; it really was such a wonderful day, and such a lovely thing to be surrounded by the majority of my nearest and dearest friends, plus, myself and baby boy were extremely spoilt!

I sourced this apple green dress from eBay, which has been the only official maternity item I have purchased. I fell in love with the pretty colour and knew I would want something uber comfortable to be able to relax in and enjoy the day. Of course, I knew that the decoration was going to be green...so that may have had something to do with my colour choice...

 Cute little baby feet cookies made by Franki
 My contribution to the sweet treats for the day - lemon and lime cupcakes!

 More cakes made for me!

 Being silly with balloons...

 Necklace: Forever 21
Earrings: eBay
A few of my Instagram snaps from the day...
Loved this little prediction card...I wonder who will be closest...two weeks to go (hopefully no more!) and we will be able to find out! *eek!*


  1. I was so proud of those cookies until I placed them next to your cupcakes...!

    Can't wait for little boys arrival :) Love You! xxx

    1. Ohhh no don't be silly they were so cute!! and tasty :) ahh love you too franks xxx

  2. WOw, what a baby shower. I think it's lovely you shared this on your blog. Have you seriously only bought one maternity item?! Well you have been one stylish pregnant Lady! you look so happy and glowing in your pics. x

  3. Everything looks so great! You look absolutely lovely and I love your necklace!



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