Och Aye! Totally Tartan...

I have never really been much of a fan of the tartan trend from previous seasons, however, it seems I have gradually been persuaded to jump on the checkered bandwagon this A/W... I think it's probably due to the fact there are so many different variations of the classic red and green print around: blue checks, white backgrounds, velvet, sequins, monochrome, small checks, large checks...the list is endless! I still don't think it will be my favourite trend ever - (give me pastels and metallics any day!) but I do quite like how the traditional Scottish pattern has evolved with fashion, creating a much wider range of styles. I will probably just stick to accessorising with tartan; I recently bought a monochrome tartan scarf from Primark which I love! Although I am quite fond of the little mini skirts and 'skorts' - very Clueless- esque! Check out my pick of the best patterned pieces from the high-street below...
1. Parisian red tartan crop top: New Look, 2. Check pelmet skirt: Topshop, 3. Red & blue check trousers: Topshop, 4. Parisian red tartan midi skirt: New Look, 5. Navy check platforms: Debenhams, 6. Black check oversize collarless coat: New Look, 7. Navy check velvet shorts: Topshop, 8. Sequin check pencil skirt: Topshop, 9. Soft check scarf: Topshop, 10: Navy check romper playsuit: Topshop, 11. Check cigarette trousers: Topshop, 12: Tartan heels: Mango at ASOS, 13. Tote bag: Mango, 14. Red tartan long line blazer: Oh my Love at Topshop, 15. Grey tartan belted skater skirt: New Look, 16. Tartan check denim leggings: Topshop, 17. Navy & green check skirt: New Look, 18. Studded tartan pumps: Red Herring at Debenhams.

Wear with...
Leather & chunky knits.

What's your take on the tartan trend for this season- thoughts?


Magpie Mix: Paul & Joe Beaute Nail Lacquer Review

I have been wanting to try out the Paul & Joe Beaute range for a while now, so while browsing in Harrods a few months ago I thought it the perfect opportunity to pick up a little something. I opted for a nail varnish over other cosmetic products, as I generally have lip colours I tend to stick with and rarely wear eye shadow, but I love changing up my nails and experimenting with new colours and brands. 
I chose no.10, a pretty pinky, lilacy hue as I thought it would go with pretty much everything but looks a little more interesting than plain old neutral. 
I absolutely adore the design and packaging of the Paul & Joe products; another reason why I wanted to make a cheeky purchase - I am a sucker for pretty packaging! 
I must say I was quite surprised that I had to apply three coats to create complete coverage, due to the polish being extremely watery. I would have expected a higher end product to be thick, luxurious and rich, so that the colour would glide on in one simple stroke. However, with that being said, once I had layered up I was very pleased with the outcome as the colour was 100% true to how it looked in the bottle, which is sometimes a disappointment with cheaper polishes. Something that I found differentiated this product to many similar high street brands, was the very pretty, pleasant scent it provided as soon as the bottle was opened, which remained on my nails after application for the rest of the day, which was a lovely USP. Another tiny thing I thought could have given this product that little extra je ne sais quoi, would be to give a creative name for the colour, rather than just a number. This I felt was something that could easily be done as many cheaper, high street brands do give that personal touch- and I'm sure that it would be so much fun coming up with different names! Therefore I came up with a title I would have called it: Lady Lavender Rose.
I completed my manicure by finishing off with a coat of Sally Hansen's 'Mega Shine' top coat, which is an absolute gem of a product, and a must have for any cosmetic junkie out there! It really does work wonders, adding amazing shine to finished nails and gives the effect of shellac it's so shiny!
 All in all I was very happy with my P&J treat to myself after so long lusting over the beauty range, and I would happily make another purchase, (if only just for the packaging!) in the future.

Has anyone else tried products from the Paul & Joe Beaute collection? What did you think?


My Style: Bejewelled Bubblegum

 So this is my first outfit post since giving birth to baby Theo; and it feels so nice to be able to wear pretty much whatever I want again! Naturally, I treated myself to a couple of new A/W bits as a congratulatory present to myself, and managed to pick up some great bargains! I was amazed to find this beautiful sparkly tube skirt in the sale at Urban Outfitters for £15, so of course I snapped that up straight away! I do love a good chunky cable knit for A/W, and especially love the bubblegum pink of this little beauty from Primark - THE colour of the season, predominantly shown at the A/W Topshop Unique show. I wanted to mirror the jewel effect of the skirt up top to break up the bulk of the jumper, so teamed it with this embellished collar that used to be attached to a playsuit from Toppers, but I recently cut off the top half so the collar could be used more with different outfits!

 Pretty new hand candy from the Miss Selfridge sale.

What I'm Wearing: Chunky knit jumper: Primark, sparkly tube skirt: Urban Outfitters, collar (once a playsuit!): Topshop (past seasons), tights & boots: Primark


Picnic by the Pond

What better way to enjoy the glorious English sunshine, than to picnic by a pond, surrounded by an idyllic setting with good food and company!? Nope, no better way! I found these pictures hidden away in an album that are from a few months back, which I totally neglected to post at the time! *bad blogger*! I think I must have been about 7 months here, but in actual fact, the dress almost completely disguised much sign of a bump at all! I thought it was the perfect sun dress for the day and for keeping cool in the heat. It belonged to my Uncle's Mother, which he kindly passed down to me knowing I would appreciate the vintage print and enjoy styling up. It had always been a little big for me though, but with a baby bump to fill it out somewhat, it was a perfect fit!

Pretty floral tea dresses perfect for a picnic!

Bracelets from Accessorize and Forever 21

This is one of my favourite locations to visit when the weather is beautiful and I'm back at my Mother's in Basingstoke, and it is literally a 5 minute drive down the road. What with the picturesque pond filled with happy little ducks, the stunning weeping willows and hidden wooded area complete with a little bridge and tiny waterfall, it really is hard to believe you're in Basingstoke. There is a play area for children a little over the other side, but crazily the whole place is almost always empty whenever I go; it truly is a hidden gem in the summertime. 

I took my time enjoying the peaceful and tranquil environment, taking in the beauty of my natural surroundings with great appreciation, and wandered down into the more wooded area, where I was greeted with the most beautiful sight of a lone swan. I probably spent a good hour just taking pictures of her, making the most of nothing else around disturbing the moment. It was such a lovely way to spend my time, and reignited my love of photography for non-related fashion imagery. It was almost like she was posing for me, as she kept gliding off and coming back to where I was standing; I think it's the closest I've ever been to a wild swan, enabling me to get some really beautiful shots. I have only posted a few images (there are many, many more!) on this post, as I want to carefully select my favourites and then I shall post them onto my Photography tab.

Does anyone else have a favourite 'hidden gem' to go to in the Summer?


Une Tasse de The

The other month (just before I popped!), my Mumma and I enjoyed a lovely sunny afternoon sipping tea at the beautiful Cafe Rouge. It seemed the perfect photo opportunity for an outfit post because without realising it, I had dressed in red, white and blue with a Breton style maxi dress as the key piece! We had not set out planning to go to Cafe Rogue; it was just as we were half way through a charity shop bargain hunt next door, that we thought how lovely it would be to take a break from shopping, and enjoy the last of the sunshine over tea.

As we were about to make our way home after a wonderful afternoon of scouring the local charity shops for some unique finds, I remembered a little authentic sign advertising 'teas and light refreshments', was hidden away round the corner near by, and thought what a lovely photo it would make to add to this post. It truly is a hidden gem, and many would walk straight by without even realising it was there, but there is something about it that is just so charming and quite enigmatic in some way; maybe because it is so clearly very old and makes you wonder what the little cafe that once used to be there was like. 

What I'm Wearing: Breton maxi dress: Primark, lace waistcoat: H&M, necklace: Topshop, rings: Vintage, Accessorize and Primark, bracelet: Accessorize

Where was your favourite place to lunch or grab a coffee during those lovely Summer afternoons?


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