Och Aye! Totally Tartan...

I have never really been much of a fan of the tartan trend from previous seasons, however, it seems I have gradually been persuaded to jump on the checkered bandwagon this A/W... I think it's probably due to the fact there are so many different variations of the classic red and green print around: blue checks, white backgrounds, velvet, sequins, monochrome, small checks, large checks...the list is endless! I still don't think it will be my favourite trend ever - (give me pastels and metallics any day!) but I do quite like how the traditional Scottish pattern has evolved with fashion, creating a much wider range of styles. I will probably just stick to accessorising with tartan; I recently bought a monochrome tartan scarf from Primark which I love! Although I am quite fond of the little mini skirts and 'skorts' - very Clueless- esque! Check out my pick of the best patterned pieces from the high-street below...
1. Parisian red tartan crop top: New Look, 2. Check pelmet skirt: Topshop, 3. Red & blue check trousers: Topshop, 4. Parisian red tartan midi skirt: New Look, 5. Navy check platforms: Debenhams, 6. Black check oversize collarless coat: New Look, 7. Navy check velvet shorts: Topshop, 8. Sequin check pencil skirt: Topshop, 9. Soft check scarf: Topshop, 10: Navy check romper playsuit: Topshop, 11. Check cigarette trousers: Topshop, 12: Tartan heels: Mango at ASOS, 13. Tote bag: Mango, 14. Red tartan long line blazer: Oh my Love at Topshop, 15. Grey tartan belted skater skirt: New Look, 16. Tartan check denim leggings: Topshop, 17. Navy & green check skirt: New Look, 18. Studded tartan pumps: Red Herring at Debenhams.

Wear with...
Leather & chunky knits.

What's your take on the tartan trend for this season- thoughts?


  1. lovely blog :)

    1. Thank you Anita :) will head over to yours soon and have a little look :) xx

  2. I love tartan and there are so many items that I adore here. I especially want some tartan shoes and a bag to add to my current tartan collection which consists of a dress and a coat. The tartan nails are super amazing. I so want to do that.

    1. Ah it's taken me a while to get on board with it but now I do enjoy a little of it in my wardrobe :) I agree the nails would be amazing to do!! xx

  3. I love the tartan trend, I bought some plum tartan pjs from primark today but sadly the tartan scarf was sold out x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

    1. Ooh I do love a new pair of pj's :) ah boo about the scarf! Sure there's plenty of other similar ones around you can get hold of though :) xx



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