Une Tasse de The

The other month (just before I popped!), my Mumma and I enjoyed a lovely sunny afternoon sipping tea at the beautiful Cafe Rouge. It seemed the perfect photo opportunity for an outfit post because without realising it, I had dressed in red, white and blue with a Breton style maxi dress as the key piece! We had not set out planning to go to Cafe Rogue; it was just as we were half way through a charity shop bargain hunt next door, that we thought how lovely it would be to take a break from shopping, and enjoy the last of the sunshine over tea.

As we were about to make our way home after a wonderful afternoon of scouring the local charity shops for some unique finds, I remembered a little authentic sign advertising 'teas and light refreshments', was hidden away round the corner near by, and thought what a lovely photo it would make to add to this post. It truly is a hidden gem, and many would walk straight by without even realising it was there, but there is something about it that is just so charming and quite enigmatic in some way; maybe because it is so clearly very old and makes you wonder what the little cafe that once used to be there was like. 

What I'm Wearing: Breton maxi dress: Primark, lace waistcoat: H&M, necklace: Topshop, rings: Vintage, Accessorize and Primark, bracelet: Accessorize

Where was your favourite place to lunch or grab a coffee during those lovely Summer afternoons?


  1. Hi gorgeous. I thought of you today and wondered how you were and whether your beautiful little miracle had arrived yet. As I see Theo Carter Marks was born almost a month ago! I am so very happy for you my friend. So beautiful. and adorable. I'm so pleased you are happy. What a sweet name also. Wishing you the best and hoping your little family is doing well.

    1. Dear Imogen, this really is the sweetest message ever, thank you so very much. You are so kind and thoughtful, and I wish for the very best in life for you, too :) xo



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