My Style: Amethyst Haze

It's no surprise to anyone who knows me or to regular readers of the blog, that I am head over heels for pastels and anything shiny; and Winter time is no exception! If anything, I think I even prefer to mix and match pretty pastels in the chilly climate, than in Summer - it just gives me a little lift throughout these often dreary days! I have been searching for a lilac knit jumper for quite some time now, but just haven't seen any anywhere until I spotted this little lavender gem on Missguided. I know the brand has been a huge hit with bloggers for quite some time now, but I am quite an old fashioned gal at heart, preferring to shop in store rather than online and have always lived by my 'try before you buy' rule, which is part of why internet shopping has never really been for me, as I used to be scared of buying and items not fitting and then having to go through the palava of sending it all back in the post! However, that was until I had my precious little bubba, and 'real life' shopping (as much as he is pretty much an angel most of the time), did kind of become more of a chore than a pleasure...(I know I know - I never thought I'd utter those words either!!) Suddenly, internet shopping is certainly the way to go! And what better site to spend my small amount of free time browsing, than Missguided!? I'm so glad I have finally got into the modern way of shopping as I have been able to treat myself to some gorgeous pieces from Missguided, and in the even of needing to make a return, the process is actually really rather simple.

What I'm Wearing:
Boyfriend coat: Topshop
Lilac fisherman knitted jumper: Missguided
Silver embossed metallic tube skirt: River Island

What's your favourite look for Winter?


  1. that skirt is gorgeous maddie! welcome to the world of internet shopping hahaha love it.


  2. You look gorgeous! Love it all! X


  3. I love all these colours together, it works so well!

    Emma Xx


  4. you look stunning, the jumper/shirt combo is unreal and im so jealous of your amazing coat *cries* aha !

    BlueViolet Hearts



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