Next #hisummer14 Press Day

Yesterday I was invited along to view the #hisummer 14 Next collection at the impressive St. Martins Lane hotel in Leicester Square. Upon arrival I was greeted with a refreshing lychee & gin cocktail to enjoy whilst I browsed the collections. The room was decorated beautifully with palm trees, gorgeous hanging lanterns and fairy lights from the Home collection.
There was a definite tropical vibe made apparent through an abundance of bright, citrus colours, butterfly and birds of paradise motifs on cushions and other accessories for the home. These striking, satin sandals caught my eye immediately, which I proceeded to add to my wish list...(along with many other items which shortly followed!) 

I love this embroidered cushion - it would make a welcome addition to my room back at my Mum's house! I also thought these cute neon pumps would be a great little investment for the summer, easily worn with a pair of jeans and a floaty blouse or with a pretty sun dress, adding a pop of colour to any choice of outfit.

I have always been a huge fan of the Next at Home range, and the latest collection did not disappoint; full of gorgeous trinkets and decorative treasures as always! 

Sport luxe looks set to make a come back for Summer 14, with a Tropicana edge!
I am not usually a massive fan of the nautical trend which always seems to make a come back each Summer, however, I love Next's take on it with the injection of lovely sunny yellow hues, instead of the typical pillar box red, mixed with sophisticated navy and a dash of fresh cornflower blues.
Two of my favourite items from this collection were this beautiful long line sleeveless blazer and sky blue cigarette trousers; both perfect for a summer's day at the office that could take you through to hazy evening, after work cocktails.

 I fell in love with this whole seaside inspired collection of home-wear - I especially love this 'message in a bottle'. What's even better, is that it will all fit in perfectly with my beach theme in my bathroom...oops!

One of my favourite things from the collection were these darling little 'home sweet home' lights.

As you can imagine, there were many pastel items added to my wish list - I especially loved the knitted heart slouchy jumpers with the bow detailing at the back, as well as the pink polka dot shirt. 

Beautiful embellished dresses.
As soon as I laid eyes on these little beauties I fell in love! Needless to say these went striaght to the top of my wishlist!

Loved these cute and quirky heart shaped sunnies! And these super sassy peep toe boots!
What I wore: 
Boyfriend coat: TopshopFluffy high neck cropped jumper: PrimarkPink PVC tube skirt: eBay, Necklace: Miss SelfridgeMetallic shoe boots: Office
There's always time for cake!
Instagram snaps from the day. Follow me @maddiemagpie.

Seeing all these glorious colours and summer wardrobe staples has just got me yearning for the warm weather even more!

What are you most looking forward to about the Summertime? 


  1. Oh, Oh, Oh! How fun! I love those orange heels and those flats! So many pretty things.

  2. Next has some cool stuff, I love home decor especially!

  3. Thank you for the preview. Absolutely adore the sleeveless blazer (and may have to stop by Next and have a look) and those sparkly heel shoes are definitely Miu Miu inspired - will be interesting to see them in person, too. :)

  4. So many gorgeous colours, get me excited for spring :) I love the skirt you are wearing in these pics xx

  5. It looks lovely! I love your coat x


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