'Size ASOS' Body Scanner Event

As I mentioned in my previous post, before attending the ASOS party, I was invited to take part in their body scanning event, 'Size ASOS', a collaboration between Manchester Metropolitan University and the brand. The concept behind this was to 'help shape our [ASOS'] future', by scanning a number of people over the course of a few days, with the aim of revolutionizing our online shopping experience, by using the data of measurements from each individual scan, 'to give a truer representation of the modern person's body within product development'. Essentially, ASOS are aiming to improve the fit of their clothes to make sure they stay true to real body shapes and sizes, to maintain ultimate customer satisfaction. 

The scan process was extremely quick and generated a 3D computer image of the body, just showing a silhouette of the shape, as well as an extensive list of accurate body measurements. I was given a print out of this information and it was all very interesting to see. I was a bit shocked to see how wide I appeared to look on the image, but I was informed this is because the image is squashed down and to do with the added 'noise' - all very technical and scientific! I got a bit lost but it was still interesting nonetheless, and hopefully it helps ASOS with their quest to shape the future! I was also rather disappointed to learn my true height was 3/4 less than I had always thought - *sob*.
After the scan I was given the opportunity to have an exclusive look at the seasonal collections of all four of ASOS' own branded ranges: Petite, Curve, Tall and Maternity. Aside from many other things, this is one of aspects I love most about the brand - they cater for everyone. It is the only retailer that stocks all four specialist ranges. I personally often have to shop in petite sections, especially when it comes to trousers and jeans, but I have always found it to be a bit of an after thought with many companies; often only stocking the basics and never much variety of the more trend focused pieces. However, with ASOS, they seem to have the balance just right, incorporating just a little bit of everything you need. I also like the fact that this is exactly the same rule for Curve and Maternity. From browsing the collections, it almost made me a bit sad that I was pregnant last Summer and not this one; there are so many gorgeous pieces for blooming baby bumps!
 My three favourite pieces from the Curve collection - love the green tones.

My three favourite Petite items - love the bold prints and the neon.
 Unicorns!! In love.

My three fave pink beauties from the Tall range.
 Some really gorgeous bright colours and prints for the Maternity range.
 Love these 3 ultra feminine Maternity pieces.

Does anyone else occasionally struggle with finding fashionable items in specialist ranges?

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