The Girl From Ipanema...

I received these lovely sandals from Ipanema and I was pleasantly surprised at how comfy they were! They are perfect for wearing on the beach or at a festival (weather permitting!). I love embellished footwear for the Summer, but never want to wear my pretty sandals on the beach when on holiday for fear of ruining them, so often just buy a cheap throw away pair of basic flip flops for that purpose. These beauties, however, make the perfect compromise: soft, rubber soles which are beach/ sea friendly, with gorgeous embellishment making them a much more glamorous choice than your bog standard plain flip flops. These will definitely be my sandal of choice when going away now, and the nature of the durable material means they will be long lasting and I won't have to keep buying throw away pairs every time I have a holiday planned. 

Check out Ipanema's website for variations in colour of these - there is a pair with lovely green embellishment instead of the neutral tones, and they stock a wide variety of styles, including wedges for a more glamorous beach look, as well as Men's & Kids styles and the new stylish Gisele Bundchen range.

What I'm Wearing:

Sandals: *Ipanema, Maxi: Topshop, Lace waistcoat & necklace: Primark, Top: Vintage, Sunglasses: c/o Accessorize.

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