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Ahh monochrome, my new friend. I feel I'm constantly going on about how much I'm loving monochrome this season, and that it's so out of character for me blah blah blah...but perhaps in actual fact it is in character now? I think the Magpie may be growing up. *sob* But anyway, I purchased this mini skirt's sister piece - the rose gold version, way back in March as a Birthday treat to me, from me, so when I saw this beauteous silver version in the SALE last month, I of course had to snap it up. I've been really into mini skirts for most of this year - last year it was all about the midi for me, but now I look at the clusters of forgotten skirts in my wardrobe and shudder. Perhaps that was because that was pretty much my uniform for the Summer whilst being pregnant and still wanting to look stylish (ish). Or maybe it's simply a case of tastes changing; funny isn't it, how you can be totally obsessed with a certain style, or item of clothing and then within a few months feel repulsed by the very same piece. Fashion is a fickle, fickle thing. I wanted to be cosy, yet still chic, when meeting some family for lunch the other week in town, so teamed the skirt with this lovely cream, slightly fluffy jumper as well as a simple yet elegant black duster jacket. You simply cannot go wrong with one of these babies, as you may well have already read in one of my previous posts below. It is also the perfect item for throwing on when it's just not quite full on coat weather yet (yes, crazy I know considering November is almost upon us - let's not complain!). I finished off with my signature, and fail safe accessory - a statement necklace, and these little suede booties I got from eBay last year, which are still going strong despite being subjected to some rather grubby pavements. Hope you enjoy this look, as always, I've listed where everything is from below.

What I'm Wearing:

Duster coat: Primark, Jumper: Primark, Skirt: River Island, Boots: eBay, Necklace: Next

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  1. You look amazing xx




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