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Noir is the New Black - Monochrome Wishlist, fashion, blog, styling, blogger
Sweatshirt: River Island, Cape: New Look, Sweater: Sugarhill Boutique, Nike Trainers: ASOS, Moc Croc Mules: River Island, Fedora: River Island, Boots: Missguided, Dress: ASOS, Duster Jacket: New Look, Magpie Earrings: Tatty Devine, T-Shirt: River Island, Lace Blouse: Dorothy Perkins, Bomber Jacket: River Island, Culottes: Dorothy Perkins, Ankle Boots: Topshop, Knee High Boots: River Island
Anyone who knows me, knows I've always been one for colour, pattern, accessories galore and more colour! However, I don't know what's come over me lately, as I'm seriously into the whole monochrome trend. I say trend, but it never actually goes out of fashion, so I'll call it a 'long lasting' trend. Here is a selection from the high-street that I'm currently coveting! I'm beginning to see the beauty in the quality of a garment, the shape, the silhouette, the craftsmanship - don't get me wrong, from studying fashion I've always been interested in these details on the whole, but rarely for when choosing clothes for myself. I think it must be old age creeping up on me! It's like with so many other things now, appreciating the little things...a walk down to our local river, a cup of tea once Bubba's in bed.. simplicity is beginning to override busyness, both in my wardrobe and in my life. Or perhaps that is just Motherhood! 

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