Paris by Chanel - Inside CHANEL

I stumbled across this sweet and arty little video whilst meandering on YouTube, and just had to post it here. I haven't posted any videos in such a long time; I used to love watching arty trailers for new movies and lust over the styling in music videos, but I think I've been so focused on outfit posts for a while, I've lost a bit of the creative-ness that I feel my blog used to incorporate. It's very easy to fall into a particular way of blogging, especially with so many other commitments to uphold, and don't get me wrong I love putting outfits together and posting them here, but when I started this blog it incorporated a mixture of personal style, art and photography, so I want to get back to 'my roots' a little more.

I hope you enjoy the video as much as I did...

Au revoir!

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