5 Things That Make me Happy #2

So it's a few days later than I had intended for this post to go up, but here is my list of 5 things that made me happy from last week, continuing on from the previous week's post which you can see here, to read what this is all about and why I'm doing it, if you missed that post. So let's get cracking...

Things that have made me :) and/ or be thankful for:

1. Sitting down on Monday evening to a clean and tidy house, Bubba in bed from 6.30pm to have some well deserved 'me' time, with a Cuppa and my remaining Lindt Lindors from Christmas (yes I still have chocolate left over...I'm a terrible hoarder when it comes to the brown stuff...that sounds wrong...I mean chocolate, obviously)
2. I unintentionally spent a good hour scrolling through my Facebook album of Theo's 1st Birthday, happily reminiscing about what a brilliant day it was and how happy he and everyone else was that day. Such a beautiful memory.
3. Such a silly, small thing, but I had to pop out to post a parcel at work on Wednesday - I never usually go out at lunch as I work a 6 hour day so just tend to eat at my desk, but Starbucks was right next to the post office so I decided to treat myself to a Panini and an almond hot choccie -SO good! Also, I was given a smiley face on my cup, so that made me even more happy - simple things :)
4. Something I very rarely do but when I do, always say I should do it more, is having a good old natter to a friend over the phone of an evening. I caught up with one of my dearest and oldest friends, Franki, for a catch up on Thursday evening and it was so lovely.
5. The weekend. Dan and I went to the football (toddler free, yay!) to watch the Saints v. Crystal Palace on Saturday which was fun, and I took Theo down to Southsea on Sunday to visit my lovely friend Becks for a catch up and of course, some cake from the amazing 10th hole cafĂ© - if anyone lives down Portsmouth way, or even just fancies somewhere new to try, I highly recommend there - they have an amazing selection of fresh cakes, cheesecakes, tarts and sponges! This time we both went for the Caramel Rolo sponge, which was heaven.
Looking back on this post, I feel that last week's happiness was heavily influenced by naughty food....hmmmm....


  1. You had me at Lindor chocolate! Love those. That phone is incredible by the way - do you own that phone??? Or is it just an image you found? Either way, it's beautiful! x

  2. Sounds like you had a fab week! It's definitely the small things like a smile on your starbucks that lift your day up! I'm the same as Gareth, you had me at the Lindt chocolate!
    Sam xx



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