5 Things That Make me Happy #1

As part of my New Year's resolution list from last week, which you can see here if you missed it, I have set myself the challenge (although it really shouldn't be a "challenge" per se) of reflecting back at the end of each day on what has made me happy, or something to be thankful for. I mentioned in my previous post that I would quite like to turn it into a weekly update on here, as I want to include more lifestyle based posts and also feel it would be a good way to keep the positive attitude, as it's down on paper....ok well not paper...more like floating around in cyberspace but you catch my drift! It's actually been a couple of weeks now since writing that resolution post, so I'm cheating a little here by starting with last week's thoughts, but hoping that can be forgiven? Here goes...

Things that have made me :) and/ or be thankful for:

1. Starting Pilates - I'm really enjoying it and feel like I've finally found a form of exercise I'm likely to stick to!

2. My Son. He makes me happy every. single. day. Even if he's been a little pickle all day, one cheeky smile, or coming over to nuzzle into me, or seeing his whole face light up when he sees me arrive to pick him up from nursery, and delightedly saying 'Mommy' (I'm not trying to be American...that's how it comes out most of the time), will easily push the difficult moments completely from my memory, and I'll be engulfed by love and the strongest sense of pride, all over again.

3. Driving back home from my Mum's at the weekend and witnessing the most beautiful sunset throughout my whole journey. It really was incredible and just made me so happy and appreciative. The trees in the distance were complete silhouettes in front of a rich orange and fuchsia sky - I wish I had been a passenger rather than the driver to take a picture, but it's imposed in my memory which is good enough.

4. Getting glammed up for a rare girls night out! I always love getting ready for a night out - as much as I try my hardest to make a bit of effort in the mornings for the day ahead, I usually only get about 20 minutes (and that's if I'm lucky) to spend on myself, so it's a real luxury to leisurely get ready and do my full makeup routine and pamper myself when I'm going 'out out'.

5. Taking Theo for a stroll down to the park and seeing another sunset, this time as a backdrop to the many swans that grace the water on a regular basis. It was sooo cold so we couldn't stay too long, but it made me happy to see such a beautiful landscape and to spend some quality time with my love - I have Monday's off work so I always love our Mama/ Son days together!

What has made you happy from last week? Comment below or tweet me @maddiemagpie!

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