5 Things That Made Me Happy Last Week

1. On Monday I had a lovely chat with Mama Magpie over the phone, whilst sitting down with a cup of tea. We have always been extremely close, and text regularly throughout the week, but sometimes it's just nice to have a proper phone call and catch up.
2. Last week Theo was being quite a pickle most days, so one evening when he was tucked up in bed I decided to have a lovely, long soak in the tub, with two kinds of bubbles! It really helped me unwind after a few tough days.
3. This is a bit of a boring/ geeky one, but I've now converted to Aldi to do my food shop, and after my second visit last week, I just found myself feeling happy at the money I had saved compared to what I would have spent in Sainsbury's. This and the fact I had some lovely, fresh ingredients to make a homemade pasta to take to work for lunch, made me happy.
4. Saturday saw the disappearance of Theo's lovely, long curls; yep, his first ever haircut. It went surprisingly well and he was so good, we went to a special child hairdressers with little cars to sit in while the ladies cut the little one's hair, Peppa Pig on mini TV screens at each station and biscuits handed out for good behaviour/ bribery! He didn't want to sit still for too long, as I had suspected, but that was fine. I couldn't believe how much more grown up he looked! Still very much a cutie though, even if I do say so myself. We then popped into town as a family to do some errands, with Theo being such an angelic child all day, finishing off the day with a well deserved bite to eat in Costa.

5. We finished off the weekend by having some friends round with their 2 little boys on Sunday for a roast. We hadn't all seen eachother since before Christmas so we exchanged presents for the boys, chatted away, ate delicious food cooked by Dan, drank lots of tea and watched all the little ones play happily together while devouring a scrummy raspberry cheesecake for dessert!
What made you happy last week - big or small, I'd love to hear all about it!?

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