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Hello and happy Friday wooo! I don't know about anyone else, but I feel like this week has draaaggedd on, so really looking forward to the weekend now...even though the weather has clearly taken a turn for the worse today - but that will not dampen my spirits! I have decided to combine my 'Weekly Instagram Round Up' and my '5 Things That Made Me Happy' posts into one, which will now be a weekly feature called 'Happy Highlights from my week'. I felt it was getting a bit too much 'about me' with the 2 weekly posts, and as much as I have stated I want to incorporate more lifestyle onto the blog which will inevitably include posts about my life and Theo, etc. I am wary that this should only be a small contribution to lifestyle posts, as I still want this blog to mainly incorporate fashion and beauty related posts. If you're a new reader and you're curious, you can read my previous '5 Things That Made Me Happy' posts here, here and here and previous 'Weekly Instagram Round ups' here and here. But now let's get onto what put a smile on my face last week...
1. Enjoying a leisurly morning while Theo napped, with a brew in my new mug - how cute is it!?
2. I had a huge makeup clear out and got rid of loads of bits that were years old and barely used; my makeup bag is now clean, fresh and refined - just how I like things to be nowadays.
3. I had a Mummy friend pop over for a cuppa and a catch up - we live 4 minutes away from each other but with work and 3 children between us it's so difficult to make time to meet up these days! This was an especially lovely thing, as my friend was child free for a few hours and Theo had a mammoth nap the whole time she was round, the little cherub, which meant we had a brilliant, uninterrupted chat - which we never get to have!
4. Spending the morning of my day off having lazy PJ cuddles on the sofa with naughty tea and biscuits, then lots of tickle time and silly play with my special boy. Moments like these will always outweigh any glamorous event or evening out for me now, Motherhood sure does change you...I like to think in my case, for the best.
5. SNOW DAY! It may have only been a little smattering compared to the thick inches all around the North, but it was Theo's first ever experience of snow. He actually was quite non plussed about it - maybe he's still a bit young to get excited by it, or perhaps he just didn't know what to think of it! It happened on a week day so I had to go off to work, and Theo to nursery, but we managed to have 5 minutes in it and take some pictures for Theo's scrapbook.
6. I'm slowly but surely trying to inject a more healthy approach into my lifestyle, as part of my new year's resolutions. I haven't completely cut out the naughty stuff from my diet, as that was never my intention; merely to introduce more fruit and veg and to sometimes replace a naughty snack. I thoroughly enjoyed my sesame seed crisp-bread with cheese and tomato for my working lunch, simultaneously looking through old baby pictures of Theo and happily reminiscing.
7. I was honoured to take part in my blogger friend Amy's fundraising campaign for The British Heart foundation - you can check out my post all about it here.
8. Over the weekend I went to visit my Mum and Brother and I took us all out for the day to meet my Dad and visit a Vintage/ Craft fair. It's our go to spot for vintage finds, and I always visit a specific stall with a lady selling hundreds of vintage brooches. As I mentioned a few posts ago, I'm being taken to Paris for my 25th Birthday by Dan in March (eeeepppp!!), and I know it's going to be pretty darn chilly, so wanted to search for a special brooch to wear on my fur stole. This was just one of the cushions adorned with treasure - my Mum very kindly treated me to two very different styles (only £2 each - how can you resist!?) which I am sure I shall be instagramming very soon! Another thing that made me happy about this day, was that my Dad offered to take Theo across to the park while we perused the stalls on our own for a bit, which I just found so sweet and kind.
9. And finally...on Sunday, what did my Mum and I come across? Snowdrops! The first if not subtle, but very much apparent, sign of SPRING! Roll on warmer climates...
I hope you enjoyed this post and I shall be collating all my pics from this week, for another Happy Highlights post to go live at the beginning of next week!

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