Weekly Instagram Round Up

See what I've been getting up to on Instagram from last week! You can follow me @maddiemagpie.
1. Lusting over every single SS15 collection from Couture Fashion Week - especially these incredible boots from the Dior show. See my post of my round up of all the shows and my favourite looks here...
2. Injecting a splash of colour into my somewhat neutral and monochrome wardrobe, with this gorgeous teal, brushed wool boyfriend coat I picked up in the River Island January sales for £30 down from £80 - now if that's not bargain hunting, I don't know what is!
3. Enjoying my new Dandelion blush by Benefit that I received for Christmas, replacing my old one with a few dots of colour left - I had had that one for about..ooohhh...I don't know, 6 years though? Such a long lasting product, and never fails to perk me up on a rainy day!
4. Enduring a rubbish cold and feeling rotten calls for dressing up to make yourself feel better! I opted for fluff, metallic and a good ol' statement necklace.
5. It felt like Christmas recieveing these beautiful gift boxes of goodies from The Dressing Room from the postman, all part of an exciting collaboration...soon to be up on the blog..
6. We took Theo for his first ever hair cut at the weekend - long gone are the curls! As adoreable as he looked, it was very much needed bless him, and now he looks like such a grown up little boy!!
7. After the haircut we popped into town to run some errands and enjoyed a well deserved bite to eat at Costa.
8. Prepping for my shoot for The Dressing Room.
9. The beginning of February! I always look forward to February's arrival as it means it's now not long until my Birthday!
What did you get up to last week?

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