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It's been a few months since I last indulged in some new beauty buys and I've got the itch to splurge - not that I'm in any position to right now, so I've compiled my wish-list which will have to suffice for the moment.

1. I've heard truly amazing things about the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer and I'm still yet to find 'The One' when it comes to concealers, so I think I will be giving this a try come pay day.
2. Ever since I received the Core collection for Christmas, I've been eager to invest more into these brushes. I've already added the Blusher Brush and Expert Face Brush to my collection so next on the list is the Real Techniques Retractable Kabuki Brush.
3. I've never thought I've needed an eyeshadow primer until recently reading all the big beauty blogs - mainly because I never used to wear eyeshadow, but as I'm starting to experiment a bit more with that product, I'm keen to try the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion and see if it really does make a difference to my application!
4. This one is purely because I am yet to try a product from this makeup artist and everything just looks so purrttyyy! This Charlotte Tilbury matte revolution lipstick in Glastonberry is a truly luxurious looking shade that I'd love to get my paws on...
5. I expressed in a post a few weeks back how I'm just starting to get into wearing eyeshadow (mainly for more special circumstances) and I feel I'm now ready to venture into the world of the Naked...the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette is my favourite out of all the palettes - the colours would be much more wearable for me and my skin tone.
6. I had my eye on the NYX Makeup Matte Setting Spray in the Next January sales for a mere £4 and so wish I had just picked one up then, as I can't seem to find one online now for love nor money! I tend to switch from preferring a dewy finish to matte - at the moment I'm swerving towards matte, but they do a dewy setting spray too so when I finally find how to order one, I might just get both!
7. I have been wanting to try the Soleil Tan de Chanel Bronzing Makeup Base for what seems like a lifetime! I got put off it by the deep colour - I realise it's supposed to be blended in (obvs!) but it just made me a little nervous about committing to a more pricey product. I think I might try it out in the Summer when I have more of a base tan; I won't be so pasty and hopefully it will be less scary to blend in! I'm off on a hen-do to Marbella in June, so maybe I'll look for it in duty free before I go!
8. I've been searching for a lip primer for a little while now, as I do tend to suffer from dry lips quite often, even after the icy cold months have passed. Again, I have heard nothing but praise for the MAC Prep & Prime Lip so when I'm feeling flush (someone tell me when that may be..?) I shall invest in this and see what all the fuss is about!
9. Another beauty blogger's favourite brand I am yet to try; I'm currently using the Poudre Universelle Compacte Natural Finish Pressed Powder by Chanel, which I'll be honest with, I'm slightly disappointed by, as it doesn't really feel like a luxury product to me - I feel I could have got something from good old Rimmel for less than half the price and it would be the same! Hence why I think I'd like to try the Laura Mercier Matte Radiance Baked Powder when my Chanel runs out.
Does anyone have any tips/ advice for any of the above? Obviously I've not tried any of it so would love to hear your thoughts before I buy! Or any alternative recommendations? I'm just starting out in the more beauty related posts (can you tell!?) so any advice would be greatly appreciated!
Until next time...

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