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It's been a long time coming, but I have finally managed to sift through my hundreds of photos from my day trip to Paris to celebrate turning 25, and compile this (rather extensive!) photo diary to share with my readers. It was honestly the most perfect day spent with my wonderful other half (who by the way booked this as a surprise for me and pretty much funded the whole trip - lucky girl or what!), I couldn't have asked for a better way to spend my Birthday!
I say it was a surprise and it was...for a couple of days, as it became apparent that we were going to Paris very early on - I think Dan was too excited to keep it a secret and so kept dropping hints! As much as I love a surprise, I am glad I knew in the end as it meant I could properly plan my outfit, which let's face it, if I'd have found out the day before I'd be seriously panicking about what to wear, would have had no time to buy anything new and generally be in a bit of a frantic mess - it also meant I could spend time researching where exactly I wanted to go, what to do, see, where to eat etc. Obviously I didn't want to stick by a strict itinerary, but there are so many options and with just a day to explore, I wanted to make sure I'd prioritised what things were important to us both. If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll know I went to Paris for a long weekend back in 2012 to celebrate my Mum's 50th (you can read these posts here, here and here), so there were certain things that I had already seen but wanted to do again to share the experience with Dan, such as visiting the Eiffel Tower - this time however, we actually went up (check out the rather windswept photos throughout this post to prove it!). In actual fact, I really feel like we seemed to do more and see more in just one day, than my Mum and I did over the course of 3, crazy huh!?
You'll be able to see for yourselves from the photos, but I'll just give a brief overview of our day...
  • 4.30am - alarm goes off in the early morning of my 25th Birthday to get up and glam up for our trip!
  • 5.45 - arrive at Southampton airport both bleary eyed but full of excitement... refuel before boarding at Costa with a smoothie and a toastie.
  • 7.30 - board the plane and snooze a little while enjoying the beautiful views.
  • 9.30 - land in Pariieeee!
  • 10 - greeted by our chauffeur holding a sign saying 'Mode Madeleine' that Dan especially booked to take us into the centre.
  • 10.20 - arrive at the Eiffel Tower and start our ascent!
  • 11.30 - reach the top and persuade Dan to hang around for the champagne bar to open, with visions of us leisurly sipping on Moet in a plush bar at the Summit of the tower....
  • 12pm - to realise that it literally is one little door serving champagne to take away and sip standing around on the top level...with no where to sit whatsoever...
  • 12.45 - arrive at Café de Flore by taxi where we both had a delicious lunch and I had THE most incredible hot chocolate I've ever tasted in my entire life, followed by Dan asking them to bring me out a little cake which they popped a candle on for me, followed by many Joyeux Anniversaire well wishes from the waiters!
  • I've lost track of times now - wandered around the beautiful streets of Saint-Germain, taking in the stunning architecture, lusting over every designer window display and enjoying the glorious sunshine, until by happy accident, we reached the Notre-Dame where we took pictures (of course) and would have gone in had the queue not been quite so horrendous! 
  • We then found ourselves at the Louvre, sat and enjoyed the sunshine some more while giving our feet a little rest, to then make use of the beautiful surroundings to take some outfit shots. Again, we were going to go in but it just so happened that Tuesdays were the only day they were closed!
  • So we decided to walk on to find the Pont des Arts (love lock bridge), which sadly is not the same as it once was when I visited back in 2012 (see my post here)), as all the sides have been boarded up to stop anymore padlocks being fitted, due to the weakening of the bridge over the years. It was still nice to be there with Dan however and we did find a few spots where it hadn't been completely boarded up.
  • The skies had gotten decidedly grey as we were on our way to hunt down a Longchamp store, so we jumped in a cab to take us directly to the door of the Champs Elysees branch.
  • We spent a good while in here with a lovely sales assistant, helping me decide which new Le Pliage to purchase with my Birthday euros, and Dan treated me to the most beautiful makeup bag with the words 'be happy' stitched on with a little birdcage motif - see the 6th image down.
  • I came away very happy after a good hour or so to see the sun shining again, and with Laduree next door, what would have been more perfect than to pop across for some well deserved tea and cake!?
  • Delicious food was consumed and it would have been rude to come away without purchasing a selection of macaroons to take home...so that's exactly what we did! Our plan was to have a quick pitstop here and then find a restaurant for dinner, but we spent a little too long enjoying the cakes, so we had to skip dinner in order to leave plenty of time to get back to Orly airport.
  • I wanted to get a couple of T-shirts for Theo with French writing on before we left, so we popped quickly to MonoPrix and I found the cutest little designs for him!
  • To finish off the day we walked up the Champs Elysees towards the Arc de Triomphe to take some snaps - it looked truly beautiful all lit up and it was lovely to be able to see Paris at night as well as during the sunny day (you can see my previous Paris at Night post here).
  • 7.45pm - arrive at Orly airport with just enough time to pick up a French Birthday card for my Mum, and treat myself in duty free to the new 'Dolce' perfume.
  • 9pm - board the plane and relax happily scrolling through all our pictures from the day.
  • 10.15pm - arrive back in Southampton - Paris in a day...done!
1. At the top of the Eiffel Tower, the Mothership - Louis Vuitton flagship store on Champs Elysees which unfortunately we didn't have enough time to go in, which, was probably the best thing for my heart and sould! 3. Delicious tea at Laduree, 4. My Birthday éclair at Café de Flore, 5. The prettiest kitty, 6. Inside the Louvre.
The chosen location for outfit shots, which will posted shortly.
Checking out the gargoyles at the top of the Notre-Dame.
1. The Eiffel Tower in all it's glory, 2. Kisses on the Pont des Arts, 3. Silliness at the Arc de Triomphe, 4. Appreciating all the spectacular doorways and buildings on the streets of Saint-Germain.
Pretty pink treats.
Rain, rain, go away...
Wishing I could live in Laduree forever and ever amen.
Quick selfie after arriving at Orly airport.
Mandatory Laduree shot...
The iconic Café de Flore.
Oh so pretty Laduree!
The view from the 2nd floor of the Eiffel Tower.
1. 'Place to kiss' at the summit, 2. Posing outside Café de Flore, 3. Bobble hat selfie, 4. Standard menu shot. 
The few remaining padlocks which are still visible.
How typical we were there just the day before PFW started!!
Pyramid pictures outside the Louvre.
Monochrome #FWIS
 1. Enjoying all the cake, 2. Lusting after all the cake, 3. Can't stop staring at the cake, 4. Jealous of Dan's cake...
Rainy taxi window shots.
Intricate and incredible detail all over the Notre-Dame ...really wish we could have gone inside...maybe next time..
My final treat of the day! *excitable hands over mouth monkey emoji*
1. Doorway appreciation x2, 2. Beautiful sunny walks across the river, 3. Doorway appreciation x3, 4. Café appreciation.
Can you tell I'm just pretending?? Probably...
1. Quick arty snap of the tower en route, 2. Yummiest lunch and refuel at Café de Flore, 3. Enjoying the comfort of our chauffeur driven car into the centre, 4. Special duty free treats, 5. Laduree lusting.
Laduree lusting part 2...
Finally made a decision on a colour in Longchamp!
THE best hot chocolate I have ever tasted. EVER.
Champs Elysees at dusk.
'Here I am!'
Blue sunny skies.
Antique shop loving.
Gimme all the macaroons!!
1. The hot chocolate I keep banging on about, 2. Architecture, 3. Appreciating the beautiful bathroom in Laduree, 4. Enjoyable window displays on the Champs Elysees, 5. Louvre selfie, 6. The Arc de Triomphe lit up in all it's glory.
The view from the top of the Eiffel Tower.
Beautiful balconies.
Pigeon photobombing.
 Ok....I may have taken slightly too many photos in Laduree....
1. Early bird catches the worm - waiting to board at Southampton airport, 2. My goodies, 3. Birthday éclair, 4. Stunning interior of Laduree.
Errmmm.....this may or may not be another picture of Laduree....
Beautiful, non?
Birthday girl.
Alternative angles.
More café appreciation....
More café/ balcony appreciation...
Rows and rows of beautiful fresh flowers lining the streets!

Inside the Eiffel Tower.
More birds eye views.

Grey skies looming.
I hope you have enjoyed my Paris photo diary, and getting a glimpse into how I spent my 25th Birthday in the most romantic city in the world!
Until next time...

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  1. I lived in Paris last year and your photos are making my heart yearn to be back there again!

    I am absolutely in love with your white coat and your pictures from La Durée made my stomach rumble. Looks like you had a really lovely trip, hope you had a lovely birthday! xx

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