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Weekly Happy Highlights
Today's post is just a little snippet of a few things I've been up to since April, just a little insight into my life as part of my weekly 'Happy Highlights' series. You can see my last one here. I've still got loads more to share with you from this month, but instead of doing a mammoth collage (like the last one!) I thought I'd break it down a bit this time...
1. Welcoming April with open arms, 2. Bringing some sparkle to the office, 3. Exciting delivery, 4. Blossom appreciation, 5. Bubba was feeling a tad under the weather so I was allowed scrummy snuggles, 6. Celebrating Easter, 7. Mathew Williamson afternoon tea at Balthazar booked, 8. The last of the daffodils, 9. Friday Favourites (to become a regular thing on my Instagram), 10. Off for another cheese & wine evening with friends, 11. FWIS for a cinema trip to see the Fast & Furious 7 film, 12. Ladybird spotting on a family day out, 13. NEW CAR!! 14. Easter cakes little man made at nursery, 15. Mama & Son time visiting his Grandad for his Birthday, 16. Smiley selfie - because, why not!?
The majority of these pictures are from my Instagram - you can follow me here to keep up to date with my daily posts :)
Until next time...

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