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Hello and a very happy Friday! Guess what...it's sunny, woohoo! Let's hope it stays this way for the weekend eh. So today's post features this bloomin' gorgeous silver silk trench from Missguided and ultra cute and versatile striped shirt dress from F&F, which is now sadly sold out but I've popped a link at the bottom for an alternative.
As soon as both these items arrived in the post, I instantly knew they were destined to be styled together and I was inspired to hunt for a suitable location for such pretty pieces. Now we all know that wedding season is well and truly upon us - I'm pretty sure my entire Facebook newsfeed is full to the brim with wedding pictures! I am off to one in early July for one of my wonderful friend's big day which I am so excited for, however, like most of us do, I'm panicking about what to wear. Obviously no one will really care about what anyone else is wearing as of course it is the Bride's big day (ahem...and groom's..?) and all attention will rightly so be on her - BUT...it is a wedding after all and one must still dress to impress for such a special occasion. I've been scouring the internet for months in advance in the hope of finding the perfect wedding guest attire, but nothing has jumped out at me so far, even from my usual go to, never let me down shopping destinations. Perhaps I am just being indecisive. I'm still torn between wanting a sleek and elegant bodycon number or a pretty, girlie, floaty dress, OR a full on Summer maxi. Ah decisions, decisions.

When I put this outfit together I looked in the mirror and though  by jove! This could be the answer to all my woes; the simplicity of it all with the added touches of sparkle like the shoes and bag, the toned down but elegant colour palette, the comfort and loose fit of the dress to hide the inevitable prosecco bloat...the stylish extra layer in the form of the coat for an unpredictable (but let's face it, also inevitable) chilly July breeze. Well. That just screams the perfect wedding guest attire if you ask me - all boxes ticked: Stylish. Practical. Comfortable. Not Too Out There Which Could Be Seen As Trying To Compete With The Bride. And probably even more importantly if like me, you are on a budget, they are both pieces which are hugely versatile so will definitely be worn again, rather than forking out on a mega expensive dress for the day to never be worn again.
I love how light and airy this dress is and like I say, so, so versatile. So far I have already worn it to work styled with a smart jacket and court shoes, at the weekend - sleeves rolled up with Converse running around after Theo, and with wedges and a denim jacket for shopping and lunch dates with friends - the shirt dress is my new best friend and it should be yours too! It's one of those rare items that can transition beautifully throughout each season - not just a Summer dress, this can absolutely be worn with tights and knee high boots, with a chunky knit or fur gilet thrown over the top come those cold Winter months. Can you even believe it is F&F? They are totally giving the likes of Zara and Mango a run for their money with this baby, and in fact, with their whole SS15 collection. Gone are the days where one would turn their nose up at Supermarket fashion - now it's all the rage, and you can see why with gorgeous pieces like this at a mere £18!
The metallic trench coat is something I've had my eye on for ages, so I was ecstatic when I was able to get my hands on it! With our incredibly unpredictable weather here in the UK, I often find myself still needing to carry a lightweight jacket or cardigan around even come June and July, just in case. With a piece like this as a cover up it doesn't really bother me about having to layer up, it's just so God-damn beautiful. Again, it proves pretty versatile; I've tried to show how it can be worn just open and loose to show off your outfit underneath which will just provide a bit of protection on the arms, and then casually tied up leaving a slight gap to still see a glimpse of the other clothing. Of course you could do it up fully, fastening the belt through the D-ring loop for that traditional trench coat look - but I felt that looked a little too un-Summery and hid the rest of the outfit. Although this is such a Spring/Summer staple, you could probably get away with wearing it into September and October as well by layering up underneath a bit more. To make an outfit like this a bit more 'occasion-wear', just add a few special pieces of jewellery - like I have here with my Pandora bracelet (which never actually leaves my wrist, I'll be honest) and this gorgeous silver Chlobo charm bracelet available from The Dressing Room, throw on some embellished shoes and a pair of fancy sunnies like my precious Miu Miu beauties - and voila! Traditional occasion wear eat your heart out.
I think this kind of outfit would be great for slightly alternative wedding guest attire for all the reasons already mentioned, plus it just makes a bit of a change from the standard dress and fascinator combination and you can have so much more fun styling up your look and being a bit different. Of course it totally depends on what type of wedding it is - if you're off to a beach wedding on a tropical island then this is probably going to be just a little bit covered up for you. I'm talking a good old fashioned British church wedding, city or cute shabby chic barn wedding in the UK for this kind of look.

Of course I understand that a wedding is usually a good excuse to buy something new and go all out for most people, me included, but if you're like the majority of my Facebook Friends and heading to a different wedding every week (maybe a slight exaggeration...but not far off!), it can get very expensive. In this instance preparation is key and my advice would be to write down the date and theme of each wedding and plan your outfits accordingly in advance, so as not to make rash last minute bulk online orders the day before, in turn maxing out your credit card (come on, we've all been there...no..just me..?) Create a brainstorm for each wedding for different things you might like to wear - it might be that there's a particularly lavish event you really do need want to buy something spectacular for, then you can work out whether that vintage style dress you bought from a charity shop and have never worn would work well for wedding no.2... the casual dress you've worn a thousand times to work can be revamped with killer heels, statement jewellery and a fabulous coat - all of which you already own and so on and so forth. If you are just attending one wedding this year (like moi) then you probably can justify a newbie to the wardrobe.. she says...unconvincingly!! 

 Does anyone else have any tips for wedding season dressing and how to not break the bank?
What I'm Wearing:
*Striped Shirt Dress: c/o F&F (sold out - similar here and here)
*Silk Trench Coat: c/o Missguided
*Miu Miu Sunglasses: c/o Red Hot Sunglasses (sold out - similar here)
Studded Shoe Boots: Office (old - similar here)
*Clutch Bag: c/o Accessorize (old - similar here)


  1. Wonderful ensemble! I love how the booties and clutch add that perfect touch of sparkle.

    1. Thanks so much Caroline, you're always such a sweetheart! :) x

      (again - apologies for SUCH a delayed reply!!!)

  2. Such a gorgeous outfit. Those shoes, especially, are so, so pretty. Loving the detailing x

    1. Thank you so much :-D yes I've had these shoes years but they still work just as well as they did back when they were new! x

  3. LOVE that trench!! Soooo chic and the perfect touch of elegance to your look!

  4. LOVE that trench!! Soooo chic and the perfect touch of elegance to your look!

    1. Oh thanks so much Martha :) It is a beauty isn't it!? I'm so glad I spotted it!

      Hope you are well!? And so sorry for the mega delayed reply - I'm only just catching up with comments from the past few months now eek! Bad blogger I know!

      Have a fabulous weekend :) x

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