OUTFIT | White on White in Collaboration with F&F

It's that time again where everyone dons their best get up, lives in wide brimmed hats and oversized sunglasses, simultaneously sipping on copious amounts of Pimms whilst getting increasingly nauseous from all the head turning movements. Wimbledon is upon us people. So I thought what better event is there to dedicate this all white post to?
I was sent these lovely F&F Pleat Detail Culottes and long line blouse to style up and while I was rummaging through my floordrobe wardrobe to find the perfect partner to each item, a light bulb moment struck. Of course, being white, I had plenty that would go with the pieces, but nothing was quite right. I remembered my love for colour blocking using the same colour and decided that the two items paired together worked beautifully and subsequently what I had been searching for the whole time. Pairing two loose, long line items together creates not only a chic and effortless look, but gives the illusion of being taller - a bonus if you're petite like moi, as well as keeping cool, calm and collected on these glorious hot days we've been blessed with these past few days. An added plus of wearing all white of course, is that you'll be completely reflecting the sun therefore maintaining that cool as a cucumber (honestly - a cucumber!? Who comes up with these sayings!?) presence.

To finish off this look I just added one of my all time favourite pieces, this monochrome sleeveless blazer from Missguided - keeping the long line silhouette going, white ankle strap sandals and my trusty Miu Miu's. The subtle touches of the black lapels on the blazer and snakeskin effect on the shoes keep this look from looking too 'flat' - all one colour outfits work amazingly but I do find you need a couple of barely there accents to break it up...just slightly.
If you've seen my previous posts, you'll know what a fan of F&F I have become - just read this post and you'll understand. Seriously though; their collections are so good and not at all what you would expect from a Supermarket clothing line - I think the quality and design of both these pieces proves that.

Have you been or are you planning on a Wimbledon visit this Summer? If so what are you planning on wearing - do you like this kind of look or do you prefer a Summer dress?
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What I'm Wearing:
*Longline Sheer Blouse: c/o F&F (similar here)
*Miu Miu Cat Eye Glitter Sunglasses: c/o Red Hot Sunglasses (similar here)


  1. I really love the shirt! It's really looks gorgeous on you and your back drop is beautiful! I think a trip to Sainsbury's is needed!

    All you need is a glass of Pimms!

    Blogger & The Geek

    1. Hey Becky, thanks so much for your comment :) and so sorry it's taken me ages to get back to you - only just catching up on comments now! Ahhh I do love a Pimms! I think I've only managed one this "Summer" - how criminal is that!!?

      So excited for the Blogger Box Share :-D

      Have a fab bank holiday weekend! x



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