WELLBEING | 5 Ways to Get Happy

Creative flat lay featuring body lotion, chocolate and a reading book
I have seen so many tips, advice and well being based posts around at the moment and I really enjoy reading them myself, so thought I would start to include a few of my own - not that I deem myself to be the fountain of all knowledge or anything - don't expect real ground breaking stuff here, but, I do find that reading tips and ideas from someone else's perspective does encourage you to do the same or try things out for yourself. Sometimes it will just be the simplest, easiest thing that will make you think 'that's a great idea, why didn't I think of that'! So that is what I am setting out to do. I'm not going to stress myself out with creating a weekly structure for these posts, they will just come naturally, as and when I may have discovered something for myself or feel the need to talk about a particular topic. Today I have just compiled a relatively small list of 5 really simple things that I feel can make you happy.


OUTFIT | RELAXED TAILORING - How to Style a Sleeveless Trench Coat

sleeveless trench styled with pinstripe trousers
Although we're heading out of Summer (eh? Is it over already, I hear you ask!), the British weather does like to keep us on our toes and I often find that September is usually one of our best months, so I tend to hold back a few of my favourite Summer staples until the end of that month, before packing them all away for A/W. One of my favourite staple pieces from this "Summer" has been the sleeveless trench or blazer. It's great for adding an extra layer on those slightly chillier days, without looking rather ridiculous to be so covered up in the Summer with a full on coat; plus, they're bang on trend and will continue to be into the colder months - just layer up with long sleeved polo necks underneath instead.

sleeveless trench styled with pinstripe trousers and snake print flats


FASHION | Smart Fashion & Wearable Tech | An Introduction To Interlaced & The Rise Of Wearable Technology

Smart fashion and wearable tech
A little while ago I met the lovely Whitney at a blogger event and she chatted excitedly to me about Interlaced, an innovative organisation which is 'dedicated to inspire, educate and communicate the developments around the next wave of fashion, creating a platform for curious minds.' Their desire is to generate awareness and excitement around the concept of wearble technology and ultimately, to bridge the gap between fashion houses and consumer adoption of smart apparel. In their own words:


EATS & TREATS | Thomas' at Burberry Regent Street

Thomas's at Burberry gold monogrammed window
As you may well be aware, a couple of months back Burberry announced the expansion to it's global flagship Regent Street store (London), incorporating a dedicated area for gifting and personalised gifts, as well as my favourite part - an all day café offering a quintessential selection of  British classics such as omelette and chips, as well as traditional afternoon tea. This new development has taken the social media world by storm as you can imagine, with it's 'instagrammable' interior and of course the prestigious location in which it resides. I have a few trips to London coming up in the next couple of months, so I am very much hoping to pay a little visit to Thomas' at Burberry's Regent Street store to get a slice (geddit!?) of the action for myself - I am extremely partial to an afternoon tea and I have heard good things about the one on offer at Thomas'. I'll be sure to do a little post if I get the chance to go; in the meantime, you can keep up to date with what's going on with me by following my Instagram here.
Interior of Thomas's cafe in Burberry Regent Street
Table setting at Thomas's cafe in Burberry
Has anyone been to Thomas' at Burberry's Regent Street flagship store yet - what did you make of it? I'm desperate to go!


FASHION | River Island New Season Favourites

River Island New Season denim, seventies inspired and leather
If you are a regular reader of Mode Madeleine, you'll probably know I am rather partial to a little (or a lot, as the case may be!) of River Island newness! Each time the high street giant launched a new collection, I simply fall in love with the majority of it, add about 1048397307 pieces to my virtual basket (which sadly never quite makes it to the checkout) I then proceed to feel the need to tell you all about my favourite pieces. This is a regular occurrence when it comes to one of my top 5 high street chains - if you don't believe me you can see another of my previous posts gushing about my River Island new season favourites here.
It seems as we transition into the Autumn/ Winter months, the Seventies trend will remain prevalent, however with a slightly more glam feel. Denim is also going no where with denim culottes set to be the next big thing since the kick flare and bell bottoms took off last season - in fact, I have just ordered myself this very pair, which I am very excited about receiving and hoping to debut them over London Fashion Week next month. Colour palettes remain neutral with camel and tan still strong contenders in the style stakes, but with the introduction of luxurious navy, deep burgundy and oxblood, and emerald greens to inject some colour.
I am loving these suede navy pointed toe boots - over the last few months I have found myself being quite drawn to navy, and I don't tend to like mixing it with black so I'm in need of some suitable footwear to accompany my navy pieces - these beauties could well be the missing part of the puzzle. An old favourite among many bloggers is leopard print, which is set to be out in full force again, look out for lots of snake/reptile prints on footwear and handbags - it's already pretty popular especially among bloggers, but I think it's really going to take off come the colder months. Lace up tops and dresses have made an appearance this summer in the form of floaty, gypsy boho styles and have proved a big hit so bear this in mind for your A/W wardrobe update and look for jumpers and warmer tops and dresses which feature this detailing. Suede and leather are usually extremely popular during A/W, but suede especially has been huge this Summer - don't throw out those suede skirts just yet as they're sticking around for the cold - you may just have to stick a pair of tights underneath soon (how depressing is that!?) I haven't picked anything out for this edit, but the Sixties are going to be huge again this season - think cute shift and pinafore dresses, mini skirt and boxy jacket co-ords and plenty of winged eyeliner to channel that inner Bardot!
What's your favourite piece from my edit? Or if you have a different favourite from the website that isn't listed, let me know by commenting below or you can tweet me @maddiemagpie!


LIFESTYLE | Chroma Stationary Personalised Notebook

Chroma stationary personalised grey notebook with Chanel quote embossed in gold
I have been eyeing up Chroma Stationary's bespoke notebooks for quite some time now, so was delighted when I finally received my very own little package through the door the other week. If you haven't heard of Chroma, I urge you to take a peek at their website! I have long been a stationary fiend, way back since school age; my Mum and I would always go shopping for new folders, pencil cases, pretty pens and anything else I could convince her to buy me before beginning a new school term - I think that was usually the highlight of my Summer holidays! (Ok that sounds like I had a very pathetic childhood...I didn't, at all...I just really, really love stationary!) Anyway, the obsession has continued well into Adulthood, except now I've swapped love hearts, cats & the crème de la crème of my generations stationary - the 'Friends' pencil case (yup, you know the one I'm talking about), for more chic, minimal and luxe designs. As many other Bloggers will know, it's generally a rule of thumb to have a notebook (or 5) permanently attached to us, because one never knows just when inspiration may strike, so I am always on the lookout for newbies to add to my growing collection.
Chroma's intriguing and unique concept was born after the founder, Gabi Cox, felt dissatisfied with the array of notebooks available on the market that wouldn't break the bank. Chroma's ethos revolves around colour and how different colours can trigger so many emotions and memories. Currently, there are 20 different colours of notebooks available and each colour is named after a special person in the founders life, and each of the three ranges are named after a memorable place - I think this idea is so lovely and very refreshing to see. It makes the selection process much more personal to the buyer, with the ability to have full control over the design from the colour, style of book, words, size and font of the embossing which comes in gold, silver and white.
I chose a non spiral design from the 'Nebraska perfect bound' range in 'Meredith', a sleek grey hue, and opted for one of my favourite Chanel quotes, 'every day is a fashion show and the world is your runway' to be embossed in gold italic on the front. I love the whole array of colours and will definitely be placing more orders and stocking up on Chroma products in the future, but the grey really stood out for me as chic and elegant and fits right in with my work space. I am yet to write in my beautiful book yet, as I want to keep it especially for well thought out blog ideas - most of my notebooks are full of scrawled writing I can barely read myself and lots of crossings out - I want the inside of my Chroma notebook to be as perfect as the outside!
These little beauties would make a perfect gift for someone - especially as you can have absolutely anything you want embossed onto the front, adding that all important personal touch. Oh and I forgot to mention the best part, they are so affordable at only £8.50 - that's cheaper than most Paperchase notebooks and you'll own something completely unique to you!
*Huge thanks to Gabi for gifting me this beautiful book*


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