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I have seen so many tips, advice and well being based posts around at the moment and I really enjoy reading them myself, so thought I would start to include a few of my own - not that I deem myself to be the fountain of all knowledge or anything - don't expect real ground breaking stuff here, but, I do find that reading tips and ideas from someone else's perspective does encourage you to do the same or try things out for yourself. Sometimes it will just be the simplest, easiest thing that will make you think 'that's a great idea, why didn't I think of that'! So that is what I am setting out to do. I'm not going to stress myself out with creating a weekly structure for these posts, they will just come naturally, as and when I may have discovered something for myself or feel the need to talk about a particular topic. Today I have just compiled a relatively small list of 5 really simple things that I feel can make you happy.

Lately I have not been feeling myself for various reasons which I think has inspired this post. I'm always on a budget and being a Mama often means time out for myself even to just do the smallest of tasks gets forgotten. So I am making it my mission to 'get happy' by being more organised and actually making time for myself. These are purely ideas to implement during the hectic and often stressful working week - not necessarily things to do over the weekend/ non working days (although there's no reason not to!) I want to focus on making time to recuperate a bit and appreciating the small things in life. It doesn't matter what your circumstances - a working Mum like me, stay at home Mum, in full time work, a student, self employed - whatever - we are all busy and all deserve to take some time for ourselves now and again. Especially if you too are on a budget, I find these little things can really make a difference to my mood and well being, even if I just do one of them a week...
1. Bubble bath  - This is definitely one of my favourite ways to unwind in an evening once the little monkey is tucked up in bed. I generally always have a bottle of Radox or something cheap and cheerful on standby, but it makes it extra special if you truly indulge with some slightly more luxurious products. I don't know about you, but I have tons of lotions and potions stacked away from Birthdays and Christmas over the years that I've always thought I have never had a need for - well when you're at your most stressed, frazzled and fizzled out, this is the moment of need! You could even go all out and light some little tea lights around the tub and pop on some relaxation music to create the ultimate haven of tranquillity. I actually only did this a couple of evenings ago (minus the candles - a trip to Ikea is in order!) and just popped on 'Chill' using the Radioplayer app, and honestly it was absolute heaven and afterwards, I floated out the bathroom and into bed in a much better frame of mind. For Friday nights, (or even school nights if you're feeling rebellious) this could be made even better by adding a glass of prosecco/ wine - not that I am encouraging you to drink of course - a cuppa tea would go down just as well!

2. Pamper yourself - Something to do perhaps after that delicious bath you've just had! I can't be the only one who forgets/ can't be bothered to slather myself in body lotion after the shower each morning? No, surely not. Therefore this is pamper phase 2 for me - again, all those forgotten, unused products bought as gifts - this is their time to shine. After this I would give myself a full manicure - not just hastily painting over my chipped before leaving for work to give the illusion of fully painted nails, (come on, we've all been there!) I mean clipping, shaping, filing, buffing, cuticle work, base coat, polish and top coat - the full works ladies. It's such a simple thing but if you're doing it yourself, which, personally I always do as sadly I don't have an extra £20+ floating around to go to a salon each week, (and even if I did, it would be impossible with a toddler!) it can be pretty time consuming, but once it's done, I always feel good and strangely gives me some kind of satisfaction from completing a task! Other things to include in your pamper session if you so wish would be a face mask (I know, who ever has the time for that!) fake tanning if that's your thing, waxing and a thorough skincare regime. I personally would only have time to do probably just two of these things in an evening, so I'd prioritise which actually needed doing and then do the rest the next day or whenever  you got chance again - although if you've got hours to kill, then by all means, treat yourself to a full on pamper! You deserve it.

3. Read a book/ magazine - This is something I love to do but do it far less than I would like to. Any other Mamas out there will know what a luxury it is to be able to get through a whole magazine or read a chapter of your book - the struggle is real! Pre baby days, I used to be able to whizz through a book in a week; I think I've had my current one for about 3 months and so far I've only got to chapter three :-/ So I am going to try and get to bed half an hour earlier each night in the week, to set aside that little bit of extra time to have a peaceful, uninterrupted read. Even if you are not a 'book person', I urge you to try it - it doesn't have to be super intellectual stuff, I generally just like good ol' chick lit; nothing too heavy, easy to read, light reading that enables your stresses and trying times from the day to drift out of your memory, while you indulge in some escapism. If you're really not into books, then treat yourself to a new magazine and flick through at your leisure, it will still give the same feeling, just perhaps less pressured than a full on novel. This could also be accompanied by a large bar of chocolate. Just saying. Obviously, I am not condoning bad eating habits here, just as I wasn't with the previous wine comment. Absolutely not. Ok maybe a little. Let's face it, chocolate is packed with endorphins after all...

4.  Phone a friend - No I'm not talking about indulging in hours of Who Wants to be a Millionaire (is that even a thing anymore?) I find I'm constantly texting/ whats'apping numerous friends daily, but there's nothing quite like a good old fashioned chinwag with one of your girls over the phone. I'm the first to admit that this rarely happens - phones are so blummin' high tech these days (yes I am aware I sound about 120 years old here) I think we sometimes genuinely forget what their primary function is - I know I do! I also have that common irrational fear of actually speaking to another human being on the phone - but, when I do have a proper conversation with someone (other than my Mum, as that's quite a regular occurrence) I always enjoy it so much and wonder why I don't do it more often! And so the cycle continues. So I am trying to break it; many of my close friends don't live that nearby, so it makes so much sense to set aside proper time to catch up with them - one phone call a week or every 2 weeks - whatever fits in with your schedule, just try it! I challenge you to not be fulfilled and more happy from doing so!

5. Donate to charity - The last but no way least is to be charitable. I think this is pretty important for my well being, on a personal level; I like to think that any donations I give, however small, are helping someone somewhere in the world, or at least helping to make a difference to curing a disease or enabling more research to be done to achieve that. This is such a broad option - I am not talking about donating huge wads of money every month, although obviously, if you are in a situation to do that and want to, then that's great! Even the smallest of things help - I have recently bagged up a load of Theo's old unused toys that I would normally try and sell at a bootsale, but the money I'd make on it all would be pittance in reality, so I've decided I'd much rather donate them to my local charity shop. Even buying things from charity shops counts - you grab yourself a bargain and the pennies go to charity! There's nothing to lose. I have also sponsored a few friend's events/ race for life runs etc. this year; I can never afford to give as much as I'd like, but I truly believe that every little helps the organisation and it's win-win - I feel happy that I've done a good deed and my friend is one step closer to their target. Lastly; how often do you see the adverts on T.V asking you to donate £1 or £2 a month? How many times do you ignore those adverts or think that little amount isn't going to help? I have done it countless times! The other week I actually donated I think it was £3 after watching a Unicef advert - one I'd seen often, but this time for some reason, something inside me made me donate - I literally just had to send a text - how simple is that to do!? Even just receiving the automated thank you message afterwards, gave me a warm and happy feeling that I'd done something to help others. Obviously I know there are thousands of people out there raising hundreds and more for charity, going above and beyond or indeed donating large sums of their own hard earned cash - so I'm really not getting all self righteous here, I'm just trying to explain that it has helped my well being a little, and as stated at the beginning of this post, I wanted to share with you what has triggered happiness in my life in the hope that it could also help anyone else to 'get a bit happier'.
What makes YOU happy?
Obviously this is just a little snippet of simple things I've found help me on a personal level - my Son makes me happy every day, but I don't think it would be wise advice to add 'Have a baby' on the list :) Of course seeing friends and family, going out to the cinema or to dinner or on holiday makes me happy...but this post is about focusing on the little things and how they can contribute to your every day well being. So, has anything from this list inspired you, or are you doing them all already? Perhaps you have some pearls of wisdom that I should know about? I'd be so intrigued to know, so do pop a comment below if you'd like! I've got a few more tips up my sleeve so I'll leave them for a future post in the next week or so...
Until next time...be happy everyone!


  1. These are great tips! I believe that everyone sometimes needs to shut the world out and just take some time for themselves.

    1. Thanks so much Caroline, you're totally right there! xx

  2. I love these posts, and your tips are really original. I especially love number 5!

    Lillies and Lipbalm

    1. Thanks so much Mel, that means a lot :) ah yes, one of my favourites as well! xx



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