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Ah Fashion Week. Like with many other bloggers, I feel I have a slight love/hate relationship with what is now deemed the bi-annual 'fashion circus'. Do not get me wrong - it is an absolute privilege to be invited to shows, to see the new trends for the season ahead first hand, and generally to be surrounded by the throng of so many other like minded creatives. But. Unless you are an actual Editor or Big Time Blogger, with a car to chauffeur you round all the shows and a team on hand to do all the social media, to pamper you and be put up in a 5* swanky hotel with everything paid for - it can be blumin' hard work! I hate to burst anyones bubble; but Fashion Week is definitely not all glitz & glamour for us mere mortals, which it is often made out to be. If I seem like a right Negative Nelly here I apologise - I don't mean to be. I do have a point I promise... and I'm about to get to it, so please bear with...

With so many articles coming out lately about our generation's obsession with social media and the constant strive for creating a seemingly perfect life, I thought I'd be more honest about the whole thing and tell you - it isn't perfect and it isn't all fun and games. Unless you're 'somebody', there's countless queuing for shows - sometimes to get to the front and be told the venue's at capacity after you've been stood waiting like a lemon for an hour, there's constant tube changes (because who can even afford taxis in London!?) from one end of London to the other to catch the next show - a lot of the time which you will miss, there's feelings of inadequacy and a strong sense of hierarchy. Often you'll find that, behind that carefully edited Instagram photo of a laughing face with a flute of champagne to her lips, is a girl secretly in excruciating pain with blisters covering her feet, the beginnings of flu from too many late nights and lack of decent food, quite often feeling increasingly insecure surrounded by so many 'beautiful people' and in more circumstances than people would have you believe, a bank balance verging on (if not already in) minus figures. I'm not asking for the violins out or anything - of course not when there are too many horrific, unspeakable things happening in the world - so please do not think I am in any way comparing this whatsoever - and obviously it is my choice to attend (and contradiction alert - I do love it for the most part),  I'm just trying to make a point that things are not always as they seem - don't believe everything you see on your social media accounts. I have fallen victim to doing exactly this too many times and it really can be damaging to a person's self worth, as it can be so easy to consume yourself with truly believing that everyone else seems to be living the perfect lives; always off on holidays, in perfect relationships, going to fancy restaurants etc. So I think we all need to remember (myself included), that generally speaking, people only tend to post the positive things going on, which of course, is always going to make their lives look full of rainbows and smiles (to quote one of my favourite Mean Girls lines).
I personally think that social media is a huge blessing and a curse - it can be a brilliant tool but certain things need to be taken with a pinch of salt. I'm definitely guilty of both sides - I sometimes get down about how 'imperfect' my life is 'compared to everyone else's' - but on the other hand, I'll admit I do like to 'show off' if you like, the best bits that might be occurring in my life. I think it's so easy to get wrapped up in, as a society we are so exposed to it almost 24/7 if we allow ourselves - it appears as though the 'brag culture' is a difficult movement not to get swept up in. I bet even if you personally don't think you intentionally 'show off' on social media, that is exactly what you're doing without even realising it - because it's not just to do with fashion, or going to events. It could be the incredible meal you have just cooked/ eaten that just needs to be snapped, that beautiful child of yours that you just have to show the world, those washboard abs you've acquired from countless gym sessions; or indeed the actual gym selfie, the new car you've just bought that you just have to tell everyone about...see what I mean? And yes, I have been guilty of posting pictures of all those things (except the washboard abs unfortunately.. oh and cooking an incredible meal - I don't think that will ever happen!), so I am no way getting on my high horse about this, merely just voicing an observation I have been pondering for a while now. And do you know what the worst thing about this is? I really enjoy posting pictures to my Instagram and don't intend to stop doing so anytime soon! Like I said, I'm definitely guilty of posting the exciting stuff in my life, but more than that I genuinely just enjoy taking pictures of anything that visually excites me and documenting them - I've been like this long before the days of Facebook and Instagram - the difference is now I actually have a platform to store all these images. I guess that is what it is like for many other take-a-picture-of-everything-you-do enthusiasts - who knows!? I tell you what, if I was back at uni about to embark on my dissertation, this would absolutely be my subject - I could go on all day about it - can you tell!? *hands over eyes monkey emoji*
Anyway...this post was supposed to just be about the outfit...but for some reason I just felt I had to give my two pence on it all (God, that's a terribly old fashioned phrase to use isn't it!?), not that this has solved anything whatsoever, or given any conclusion to anything, except maybe that you popped over here because you were maybe slightly interested in what I wore to my first day of LFW and instead I've given you a right ear full, and you're too bored/exhausted from my ramblings to even look at the rest of the pictures - I don't blame you! But if you haven't given up yet, (well done!) I hope you like my sixties inspired look for the first wet and windy day London Fashion Week had to offer this season...
We all know how the ever present Seventies trend has spread like wildfire throughout the Summer and there is no doubt it is still a huge contender for A/W, but I think I speak for a lot of us when I say, I'm just the teensiest bit over seeing all the fringing, tassles, fedoras and flares. So for me, the Sixties trend is a breath of fresh air and I am now dreaming up ensembles compromising patent ankle boots, preppy A-line skirts and plenty of high necked knitwear. It's time for 60's mod to have it's moment guys and gals. If you're contemplating how to work this trend - just take a look at Style Icons such as Alexa Chung and the Queen of eyebrows herself (Cara, obvs), to take inspiration - think mini skirts, compulsory winged eyeliner and leopard print and you're half way there. I opted for a cute A line dress rather than a skirt for my take on the trend - I love the zip up detail and the stunning brocade material seriously made everyone who asked where it was from give the same shocked 'no way'! response. 
I sized up in this dress as I knew I wanted to layer it over a roll neck, never knowing what the weather will be like for LFW and the fact I'm always freezing - as it turned out, I was absolutely sweltering in it once the initial downpours cleared! For a simple styling trick I unzipped the neck of the dress just a smidgen, to reveal a bit more of the jumper underneath and give a more relaxed feel. You can't beat an over the knee boot with an A line shape to give that ultimate Sixties retro vibe, and this beaut faux suede grey pair worked perfectly with the silver tones in the dress, adding extra cute points with the lattice detailing on the back. To complete the look, I threw on a pair of blacked out cat eye sunnies (a necessary Fashion Week accessory, don't you know!) and I was ready to face the first day of madness!
I'd love to know what you think of this look and also, whether you enjoyed reading a slightly more honest account of things - or if I should just stick to talking about my outfits in my usual light hearted way...?
My other two outfits will be up sometime next week...I promise not to subject you to any more ramblings again though (unless you want me to of course...).
What I'm Wearing:
*Dress & *boots - Missguided
Roll neck jumper - ASOS (similar here)
Sunglasses - ASOS
*Bag - Dorothy Perkins (similar here)

Lips - Velvet Teddy by MAC


  1. I really enjoyed this post! I totally agree with what you said and how honest you are - I often feel inferior to the many "perfect lives" that I see posted over Instagram so it's nice to be reminded that it is just a few images carefully selected by the poster - and I do the same! x

    1. Thanks Isabelle, I am so glad you enjoyed it :) precisely my point! As I said, I think we're all guilty of feeling that way, but sometimes we do just need to take a step back and realise it is not always real life :) xx

  2. Also enjoyed, and I love a post that's a little more personal. Well done for being brave enough to share your full opinion & writing it so well. It's clearly not all champagne & glamour X

    1. Thanks so much Natalie :) that means a lot! Probably the only post I've ever written where I've 'put myself out there' a bit more than usual, so I'm delighted to have had a positive response from it! Definitely not all champers and glamour at all! xx

  3. Really lovely post...I am currently suffering from the post London Fashion Week flu.

    You did hit a few points, it's a real love/hate relationship with fashion week. I love the shows, the energy around fashion week etc, but the truth is the blogging world is still kind of at the bottom of the fashion food chain and if you are not a big timer, attending fashion week could make you feel really absolutely inadequate like you said. With that being said, I have it in mind that every one is on a different journey but it's good to be seen in the right places, exposure is a huge thing in the blogging world if you actually want to be seen and heard and climb up the ladder.

    I'm absolutely loving your blog xx

    1. Thanks so much for commenting Banke, oh dear!! I hope you're on the mend now? Not fun at all. Why do we do it to ourselves haha!?That's it isn't it, the energy is infectious so I think that's what keeps taking me back each season - not to mention the actual shows - what the whole event is actual all about! Yep, you've definitely hit the nail on the head there with that comment about being at the bottom of the food chain. It's so true! But completely agree that we're all individuals on a different journey and I am so grateful to the blogging/ fashion industry for the opportunities I have had so far and hope to continue making more!

      Thanks so much lovely, as am I yours - love your outfits xx

  4. Opinions and thoughts are always a good thing! Loving that dress and a breath of the 60's!

    1. Ahh thanks so much Caroline - I'm glad you think so :) and yes, little bit of Sixties never hurt nobody ;) xx



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