Exciting News | Shortlisted For the Cosmo Blog Awards!!!

Goooood afternoooon!! So it may be pouring down and as damp and dreary as anything in the South of England today, but my mood couldn't be any further from how the weather is feeling right now as I have some exciting news...which you can probably guess from the title of this post! Yes, I am immensely thrilled to announce I have been SHORTLISTED for a Cosmo Blog Award!! (Cue inward squeals and celebrating with cake...naturally)
I have applied a couple of times in the past on a whim, knowing that realistically, my blog probably wasn't up to scratch for making the final cut with there being such a huge array of fantastic blogs out there these days, but I always just thought you never know and I may as well try my luck. This year however, I actually thought there may just be the teeniest, tiniest possibility I *might* stand a chance, as for the past 6 months or so, I feel I have really stepped up my game with my photography, content and general design/ creative display. I'm not saying it's in any way perfect - I still have a lot I want to learn, achieve and work on, but compared to the previous years I have entered, I felt my little blog maybe, just maybe, could be considered a worthwhile entrant. So it just goes to show, never stop believing in yourself - if you can dream it, you sure as hell can do it! This may not seem like a massive thing to some, but it's something I have dreamed of for a while - obviously it would be incredible to win in my category, but just the fact that my blog has been shown some recognition in being shortlisted, already means the world to me and makes me feel like it's all worth while!
I know I am not the most frequent of bloggers with posting content; aside from the general time factor of creating content which I have previously written about why sometimes this is, I think I can be a bit of a perfectionist and where a couple of years back I would have posted 4 or 5 times a week with any old content to stay frequent, I am now much more concerned about the quality of my images, so if a post isn't quite right I just won't put anything up until it is.
So with that taken into consideration, I really hope you enjoy reading my posts and style tips and seeing my OOTD's - and if you do, I would so love it if you could help me in this next stage to possibly be crowned the winner (eeek! I literally couldn't even begin to imagine how I would be if that actually happened!!).
I have been nominated in the Best Use of Photography category, which I feel is a real honour. I actually asked people to vote for the Best for Fashion as well as this one, and of course I would have been over the moon to have been shortlisted for the Fashion category, but on a personal level, I think this category for me is even more of an achievement, because I think it is all about the creativity of the images - the setting, mise-en-scene and the styling - so to be recognised for the time and effort I love to put into those things, is just such an honour!
If you'd like to vote for me (I will love you for eternity - that should surely be enough....?) please click the below link and go to the 3rd page which is the Best For Photography category and scroll down to the second from the bottom and click the icon next to Mode Madeleine. Then click through until the last page and submit your vote by entering your name and email in the provided boxes - it could not be quicker or simpler and I would truly appreciate all your votes - I can't even tell you how amazing it would be to win!! Also thank you so much to anyone who initially voted for me to get Mode Madeleine shortlisted - you're all absolute gems!
Good luck to all the other nominees in the other categories and I'll look forward to meeting you all at the awards ceremony in November :)


  1. This is sooooo exciting, I've been following you for ages girl and I'm so proud of you!! So well deserved, your photos are beaut!!

    Kirstie | Kirstie Pickering

  2. Congratulations love! I've voted for you!




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